For sale: the European Cup 1 win of PSV 1988 | PSV

Own the pinnacle of PSV club history? Then this is your chance. You can bid on PSV’s European Cup 1 victory from 1988 until Thursday 8 April. If you are the highest bidder, you will not receive the ‘cup with the big ears’, but you are virtually the sole owner of the 1988 European Cup 1 win.

The real PSV fans will probably remember it like it was yesterday. After 90 minutes of football, the score at PSV – Benfica is 0-0. Penalty kicks should make the decision. Anton Janssen uses the sixth Eindhoven penalty, after which goalkeeper Hans van Breukelen turns the bet of António Veloso. Euphoria in the Eindhoven camp. PSV wins the European Cup 1. You can now become the owner of that victory.

You can bid via the Momentible platform. This platform offers athletes and performers the opportunity to immortalize their highlights as NFT (a non-exchangeable digital token) and provides buyers of the various NFTs with a digital ‘work of art’ creatively portraying the historic moment, including a personal video or certificate of ownership. In addition to the artwork, the highest bidder for PSV’s European Cup 1 victory will receive a certificate with Van Breukelen’s signature on it.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a small piece of data in which the ownership of a digital object is registered. That can be a tweet or a video, but also an image, article or something completely different. This asset is recorded in the blockchain, the same technology used for cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin.


This innovative way of offering an experience suits PSV, so who knows what the future will bring

Frans Janssen

“Sport is about emotion, about feeling. The European Cup I win in 1988 is one of our most special moments. We have now been able to convert that moment into an NFT, so that someone can relive this feeling permanently. This innovative way of offering an experience suits PSV, so who knows what the future will bring,” says PSV commercial director Frans Janssen.

Athletes are artists

Momentible is an initiative of Handpicked Agencies and digital sports marketing agency TDE from Eindhoven. “We strongly believe in the potential of NFT and creating artworks to honor artists. In our eyes, athletes are the artists of legendary moments and they deserve to be recorded in the blockchain,” says Ruud Dankers, who leads the platform from TDE.

The proceeds of the auction will almost entirely go to PSV. In addition to PSV’s European Cup 1 victory, you can also bid for the world record in Eliud Kipchoge’s marathon. The first tweet on Twitter was sold via NFT last month for several million dollars.