Serious allegations of sexual misconduct against ex-Chelsea manager

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 12:00• Jordi Tomasowa • Last update: 12:37

Three new women accuse Avram Grant of sexual harassment. The three women’s recent accusations come a month and a half after the Israeli TV program Hasifa broadcast a first series of allegations, in which several women claimed that Grant had harassed them.

Grant is Chelsea’s former manager and director of football affairs. In recent years he has been active as a trainer in Thailand, Ghana and India. In the latest set of allegations, a woman alleges that Grant took her to a parking garage by car and told her, “Let’s get down to business.” He asked what she was willing to do for money and when the woman refused to have sex with him, he told her that he would “satisfy with oral sex as a solution.” Finally he forced himself on her. “I got to the point where I just looked at the ceiling of the car until it was over,” the woman recalls.

Another woman claims that Grant promised her a job when she was in the military. She says that Grant invited her to his apartment, led her to his bedroom and pushed her head towards his genitals. Later he would have paid her 1,000 shekels (converted about 280 euros) for sex. A third woman tells how Grant, when she was eighteen, started a relationship with her and sent her photos and messages. When she asked him to stop, he replied that “he sent them by accident,” she claims.

Grant then promised her that he would help her buy weed and meet her at a gas station. When she got there, he tried to force himself on her in his car, despite her resistance. “I was hoping it would just end there, but I realized he wasn’t going to help me,” the woman says. “He stayed in the same position and still grabbed me. I pushed him away as much as I could, opened the door and ran. I didn’t look back. I got in my car, locked myself up and told myself it’s not now more would happen. I saw him leave, he just drove away.”

“Unfortunately, the TV show Hasifa I have now chosen for the second time to present the public with a distorted, unbalanced and unfair picture of my private life, ignoring the evidence presented to the program,” said Grant’s statement. “Nevertheless, it is important for me to say that my relationships with women have always been conducted with respect and consent, and it was never my intention to hurt anyone. I am truly sorry if anyone has been hurt by me and I regret that.”

Grant was mentioned a month and a half ago in an earlier broadcast of Hasifa accused of preying on young women and of pressuring some to spend the night with him. FIFA announced in response to this TV broadcast that it would open an investigation. “Given the nature of the allegations, FIFA’s ethics committee will consider the matter,” the World Football Association said in a statement. “When it comes to misconduct and abuse in football, we would like to reiterate that FIFA takes all allegations reported very seriously.” Grant was the national coach of Israel between 2002 and 2006 and most recently of Ghana between 2014 and 2017. The 66-year-old coach led Chelsea to the Champions League final in 2008 and also coached Portsmouth and West Ham United during his coaching career.