The Dutchman who starts working in LaLiga at the age of 27

Sunday, March 27, 2022 at 11:30 am• Chris Meijer • Last update: 11:33

LaLiga has been richer in Dutch input since this week. Ten players with roots in the Netherlands were already active in the highest Spanish league, a company that Hamzah Sadiek is now joining. Not as a player, but as a scout. The 27-year-old Limburger will be a scout on behalf of Cádiz in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and will also organize a tournament in which Dutch talents are given the opportunity to earn an internship at the LaLiga club.

By Chris Meijer

Sadiek’s thoughts sometimes go back to the beginning of his career as a scout. After his dream of breaking through into professional football at FC Utrecht was shattered by a series of cruciate ligament injuries, he took a football scouting course and learned the tricks of the trade from Leo Beenhakker, Co Sluyk and Ab Plugboer. He now calls it investing in his future in retrospect. “It is great that it is now bearing fruit,” Sadiek tells Football zone† “I often think about that contrast. Signing a contract in LaLiga is a bit different than a few years ago.”

In 2018, Patro Eisden Maasmechelen offered Sadiek the first chance for a position as a scout. At the Belgian club he worked for almost two years as head of scouting, at that time according to figures from Transfermarkt is the youngest person in the world to hold this position. Apparently this has not gone unnoticed in the football world, because recently Sadiek received a message via LinkedIn from a member of the team of sporting director and the chairman of Cádiz. Whether he was that renowned scout? After the first conversations, it appeared that Cádiz was looking for someone with a broad network and knowledge of the South American market.

Sadiek met both requirements. In recent years, he built up a broad network, including the necessary influential agents and other scouts. And he knows South America partly because of his work for the national team of Suriname, for whom he is still active as a scout. Conversely, Sadiek calls Cádiz’s offer a no brainer† In recent years he has also spoken with top Dutch clubs and he was in the picture to become technically responsible in the Kitchen Champion Division, but the number eighteen of LaLiga was ‘really concrete’ in his words and continued.

The first part of his job will consist of scouting for the first team of Cádiz, i.e. watching players and matches in the Netherlands, Belgium and part of Germany. In addition, Sadiek gets the lead to organize scouting competitions in the Netherlands. In it, players over the age of sixteen can earn an internship period in Spain. The top five players will be allowed a month’s trial at Cádiz, which will pay for the travel and accommodation. “The exact location and date are yet to be announced, which will be communicated via my Instagram account.”

Sadiek can work with a lot more options at Cádiz than he was used to at Patro Eisden Maasmechelen. “At Patro I had to be creative. There wasn’t that much budget. I was in close contact with social workers in the area, who saw boys playing football in the squares. They gave me really good tips and so some guys came to Patro. I also happen to have one of those guys in mind for the scouting competitions, which is funny.” In the near future, Sadiek will commute between the Netherlands and southern Spain, where Cádiz has given him an apartment on the coast. “For scouting meetings, and to see how the players I bring in are doing. I am very excited to get started.”