Beugelsdijk and Meijers shareholder in illegal gambling company; Sparta responds

Friday, April 1, 2022 at 5:24 PM• Jordi Tomasowa • Last update: 17:24

Several professional footballers are involved in an illegal gambling company, it reports General Newspaper† Research by the newspaper shows that the Sparta Rotterdam two Tom Beugelsdijk and Aaron Meijers had shares in the now defunct gambling company Edobet.

In addition to Beugelsdijk and Meijers, Jordy Clasie is also included in the research of the General Newspaper forward. The AZ midfielder is said to have transferred large amounts to an account of the company. The newspaper has bank transactions and purchase contracts as proof. Beugelsdijk and Meijers would have bought one and two percent shares respectively. According to the newspaper, the duo concluded an agreement in 2017. Beugelsdijk agrees that he will receive his share after his professional career, while Meijers will transfer an amount of 20,000 euros for the shares. A transaction of 56,000 euros will follow later.

Clasie was suspended from two games last season for betting on duels in the Eredivisie and the Kitchen Champion Division. In the research of the General Newspaper Two bank transactions that Clasie made in 2019 emerge: he would have transferred a total of 30,000 euros to a bank account of the owner of Edobet, although this does not immediately mean that he has also gambled at the illegal gambling site.

The Sparta duo has been asked for a response as a result of the investigation. “I don’t want to respond,” says Beugelsdijk. “That is of no use to me, people have already made their judgment. It was for after my career, that is stated in the documents. That says enough.” Aaron Meijers has not responded to questions put to him despite repeated requests.

It General Newspaper reported in November that Dirk Kuijt and Wesley Sneijder were heard by the police as witnesses in a major investigation into the criminal organization of the Hague ‘godfather’ Piet S. It concerns the Taxus investigation around the criminal. Several (former) professional football players, including former players of the Dutch national team, would have gambled heavily on the gambling site Edobet, which, according to justice, may belong to Piet S..

According to the Public Prosecution Service, Edobet was set up by Freddy S., the son of Piet S. In the conversations overheard by the Encrochat hacking service, the police heard that Sneijder and Kuijt would regularly gamble via Edobet. In Kuijt’s case, this would involve substantial amounts. “Dirk Kuijt sometimes plays 25 grands (25,000 euros, ed.) a day,” the police heard in the conversations. Kuijt admitted in the interrogations, read by the newspaper, that he played on Edobet after his active career. He played on credit. “I often left it on the site, but sometimes I got paid. For example, I would meet someone at a gas station. I liked doing this cash so I could play anonymously.”

The police also investigated a match-fixing case in 2019, in which the name of Beugelsdijk is mentioned. The NOS reported in April 2021 that an Eredivisie player is suspected of intentionally taking a yellow card, which made him or others earn money. Beugelsdijk has indicated to Sparta that he only committed the offense in question ‘in the heat of the battle’. The club management has now issued a statement on the website, which emphasizes that it was informed on Tuesday that it was General Day Bath was working on an article about Edobet and that questions were asked to both Beugelsdijk and Meijers, when they were not yet under contract with Sparta.

“The club has spoken to both players and they have indicated that the amounts invested are only intended as a temporary investment after their active football career,” the statement read. “Both have indicated that they are currently not a shareholder in the now defunct company. Sparta Rotterdam has no involvement with the said defunct website. Also, said players were not employed by Sparta at the time of the investments. No formal investigation has been launched, but if this happens, the club will cooperate fully,” said the Sparta leadership.