Champions, Psg-Real 1-0: Mbappé in the 94th minute Courtois saves a penalty from Messi

In the second half the Argentine gets a penalty saved by Courtois, but in the last move the French striker scores a wonderful goal

Gala night at the Parco dei Principi, where the PSG spreads the Blancos with a monumental Mbappé. The luxury match against Real Madrid, a replica of the crossing four years ago (even then for the first knockout rounds of the Champions League), ends with the 1-0 success of the Parisians thanks to a flash of their champion in full recovery, useful for delete a previous error from the Messi disk. Pochettino’s team dominated far and wide, finding victory at the last breath despite the reflexes of Courtois. A great Verratti also shines in the PSG. Neymar’s entry was decisive. In addition to the ko in extremis, other two tiles for Ancelotti in view of the return to the Bernabeu: due to a yellow card, Casemiro in Mendy will not be available due to disqualification.


Among the most evocative keys of the evening, Ancelotti’s return to that Paris where he lived a year and a half winning a Ligue1, but also the first clash with the Blancos for a Messi in Parisian version. It was reasonable to expect a match from artificial barrels for the protagonists on the field and for the performance of two battleships currently first in their respective championships, with the best attacks and the main goalscorers. So it was, because Orsato let the right run without breaking up the game, because the Parisians made us very hungry and because Mbappé immediately appeared in the evening right from the start. On the other hand, a Madrid unable to strike up an action in all the first 45 ‘, with Modric and Kroos in the grip of Danilo and Verratti.


Ancelotti has found two fundamental pawns such as Mendy and above all Benzema, a man with 24 goals and 9 assists in 28 games. The most comforting news for the Emilian coach, who resolved the only training doubt by placing Asensio in the trident next to the Frenchman and Vinicius, with Rodrygo and the various Bale and Hazard on the bench. Pochettino, on the other hand, did not feel like risking Neymar from the start (fresh off his return and on the field only the last quarter of an hour), so to complete a dream attack with Messi and Mbappé here is Di Maria, the first to give a thrill after just 5 ‘: Mbappé’s low center and oversized shot, starter of an evening with a strong Parisian accent. Yes, because the quick dribble of the French combined with the high pressing and the pounding thrust of the Mendes-Mbappé pairing on the left crushed the Blancos, forced for long stretches in the last 30 meters in front of Courtois and punctually closed at every hint of restart.


After Di Maria’s first ring, Pochettino’s team tried with a possessed Mbappé on the left, responsible for Courtois’ first providential intervention in the 18th minute on a dirty and close-range shot. Then it was Messi’s turn with a left hand held back by Militao’s body. For the Blancos, on the contrary, 45 ‘as spectators without being able to go beyond a harmless oversized header by Casemiro just a moment before the break. Same music in the second half, inaugurated by a super intervention by Courtois on the right from the edge of Mbappé. The Belgian goalkeeper then had to repeat himself on a left-footed shot from the distance of the Pulce, and then even surpassed himself from the spot: a half-height penalty from the Argentine and a splendid diving response from Courtois, who then kept his own also afloat in the excited final. of race. Because Pochettino upped the ante by throwing Neymar into the fray, with PSG consequently increasing pace and intensity, obstinately seeking victory. Madrid withstood the bump with nails and teeth also thanks to a bit of luck, but after Neymar’s entry they slowly collapsed until the last flicker of Mbappé’s evening, the decisive one: I lunge on the left to burn Lucas Vazquez and Militao, quick sprint and low shot to burn Courtois for the delirium of the home crowd, the right reward after a match dominated with 22 shots to 2.


Marca had presented the challenge with a page dedicated to Vinicius and Mbappé, at the center of a “clash between present and future”. To win the face to face, at least on points, it was undoubtedly the French, irrepressible even for an expert in the trade like Carvajal. Against that shirt that could become his next summer in exchange for a record engagement, Mbappé made good and bad weather inventing for his teammates, creating the best chances, causing the penalty subsequently failed by Messi. and, finally, inventing the splendid winning goal at the end. Below expectations, however, the tests of the Brazilian and Benzema, victims of the bad evening of the Blancos. A separate chapter for Messi, who sacrificed himself in the first half to favor Mbappé’s insertions and, when he had the blow of the knockout, he failed by extending the fast against the Blancos which has lasted for three years.