from the love of music to that denied Europa League for …

Play in France in Bordeaux and it is the concrete market goal of Lazio (HERE the latest). Is called Toma Basićwas born in Zagreb (Croatia) on November 25, 1996, and entered professional football with the shirt of Hajduk Split like Alen Boksic (symbol of Lazio in the nineties). In face he remembers Federico Chiesa but his role is different. Basić does the midfielder and its path is a I keep growing. It could be the blow to the market of Sarri’s Lazio that wants to regain a place in Europe.

Who is Basic

It’s a median but it is found everywhere in the middle of the field, where it can make a difference for three reasons: intelligence, racing and technique. Basić also knows how to shoot set pieces, both in terms of power and precision. His left handed he is remarkable and from that foot often crosses to kiss also start, like last Sunday from a corner kick when he served his teammate Oudin with a perfect trajectory from which the final 2-2 goal against OM was born. With the Bordeaux shirt he scored 9 goals in 81 appearances: travels with an average of one goal every 9 games. Not a little for a midfielder.

The one just started is his fourth in France. 74 games played in Ligue 1, 3 in the League Cup and 4 in the French Cup. Basić has not yet made his debut in the final stages of a European competition due to a … oversight: in 2018 Bordeaux qualified for the groups of the Europa League but the management (in a period of chaos after the unexpected resignation of coach Poyet) he forgot to put it on the list. Explanation: “It was an administrative mistake, but if we qualify for the round of 32 we will insert it“. Bordeaux will be eliminated: no EL for Basić who nevertheless accepted the episode with great professionalism: “At first when I found out I stayed shocked. Then it passed to me and I returned focused on my work, aware that I would have a new opportunity in the future“.


Curiosity: from darts to music, to language learning

In Bordeaux he brought his two great passions to his home: guitar And darts. If he hadn’t become a footballer, he surely would have done the musician or even the singer, as he also has a beautiful voice and enjoys singing. If Lazio were to buy him, for sure he will have no problems with the future singing initiation rite with his new teammates: he will not make a fool but a great impression. And he should also surprise with Italian: when he arrived in France he immediately started studying the language and in a short time he learned to speak French very well. Music has refined his ear: it takes him little to learn. Also for this reason he is a player that his coaches like him.


Lazio now wants to tighten the time to buy it. He would send it to Formello Petkovic, who coached him for a few weeks at Bordeaux but immediately deployed him in both the first two league games against Clermont and Olympique Marseille, understanding his talent. With Sarri Basic it could be instrumental in its running, flexibility and technique. It could be one more pawn in the run-up to that Europe with which he has an unfinished business. In 2018 he had recently arrived at Bordeaux and many did not know him yet. Now the name has done it. Next time they will not forget him.