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During the first weekend of the season without a race, Helmut Marko spoke, among other things, about the problems that are currently present at Mercedes and how they have arisen. He also talks about the battle with Ferrari, let Viaplay know that it is satisfied with the first month of the season and also said that Formula 1 consists of ‘more than just Max Verstappen’. This is the GPFans Recap from Saturday 2 April.

Red Bull took over about 50 employees from Mercedes

Helmut Marko does have an explanation for the fact that Mercedes is currently having such a difficult time and that they are not at the level of Ferrari and Red Bull in terms of car performance. According to the adviser, Red Bull has taken over about 50 employees from Mercedes, including a few key figures. According to the Austrian, this is an important reason why they have not yet solved the problem related to porpoising, for example. Read more? Click here!

Viaplay satisfied with first month

Viaplay has had to deal with quite a bit of criticism in the past month, but is pleased with the performance after the test days and the first two races of the season. While many people complain about the commentary, the quality of both the images and the sound and the other faces seen around the weekend, Viaplay says it “couldn’t have wished for a better start”. According to NENT boss Peter Nørrelund, Formula is ‘much more than Max Verstappen alone’. Read more? Click here and here!

Verstappen enjoyed holidays with Schumacher

Michael Schumacher used to often take Max Verstappen with him on both summer and winter holidays, and the Dutchman enjoyed it immensely. Jos Verstappen was a good friend of the German driver, and as a result Max often came into contact with the F1 legend. The Dutchman looks back on that time and says, among other things, that he “didn’t know who he was playing with at the time”. Read more? Click here!

Marko enjoys battle with Ferrari more

Marko has already shown it a few times this season, but the Red Bull advisor is more than happy that the battle this season is between Ferrari and Red Bull. According to Marko, the battle with Mercedes was different from this season. Ferrari, according to the Austrian, is a lot like Verstappen’s team, which fights with ‘leadership, emotion, sportsmanship and respect’. Read more? Click here!

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