“I can’t communicate with the French referees”

PARIS (FRANCE) – It is a Marco Verratti without veils what has been told to the French newspaper The team. The national team midfielder, after exploding at Pescara with Zeman, moved to PSG in 2012. Paris has now become his second home. About his way of seeing football he admits: “A good pass is like a good dribble. I never want to hit a ball just to kick it, not knowing where it will go. If I get behind two or three opponents, it means that I also free one or two teammates. I like it. I know it’s dangerous sometimes. Losing a ball in the box can expose my team to danger, but we have to take responsibility. If we’re here, it’s because we have talent, qualities that others don’t have. This has always been my way of playing and I will never change it. Even if we concede a goal after losing the ball. “. Then it continues: “Sometimes people think I’m crazy. I never think about losing it, even if it can happen. I have faith in myself, I play football to have fun first and foremost. And that’s my pleasure. The attackers think about the goal. I think about making the team play as beautifully as possible. It’s my game. Every time I go out on the pitch, I only think about the good game. Because by playing well, you have a better chance of getting a good result. “.

Verratti and the relationship with the French referees

The class of ’92 also tells of the difficult relationship with the transalpine referees: “Sometimes I self-reproach myself. When I lose a ball I take my responsibility. Why can’t the referee say something wrong when the referee makes a mistake? Why have I committed three fouls and three yellow cards in three games? It’s unbelievable. I have an average of 100% fouls-cards: every foul done I receive a yellow card. I have more normal relations with international referees in the Champions League or when I go to the national team – go on -. I can communicate with them. I often have discussions with the French referees. Today it is an impossible relationship: we are like the north and the south “. Verratti then admits that he was helped by the fact that he played a lot on the street with his friends as a child: “I started playing on the street at the age of four with friends and I think you learn a lot more in these conditions. They are moments that stay in our heads forever. After that, it also depends on how you are. who smiles and I always play football with a smile. At forty I will continue to play with my friends “.

Verratti and the anecdote with Ancelotti

The former Pescara then says that his way of playing has also conquered Ancelotti. In this regard, he tells an anecdote: “At first, he would take me aside and say, ‘Marco, please, when you’re under pressure, close your eyes and shoot the ball as far as possible.’ Then, later on, he said to me: ‘Well, Marco, do it. whatever you want because I know it’s your game. Either I’ll leave you on the bench or I’ll take you as you are, because you’ll never change ‘”. Injuries affected his career. In this regard he reveals: “I started with the professionals, in Pescara, when I was 14. I did the same kind of work as 30-year-olds. I was not physically ready. I was even smaller than now, but I did the same exercises as now. My body suffered from it. During my first three seasons at PSG I had trouble sleeping because I felt pain everywhere. In these three years I played, sometimes even under anti-inflammatories, until it was time for the first operation “.