PSG-Lorient 5-1, the report cards: Parisian trident show, stunned Bretons

Final result: PSG-Lorient 5-1


Donnarumma 6 – First half almost as a non-paying spectator for the former Milan goalkeeper, who is called into question more frequently in the second half.

Hakimi 6 – The former Inter player plays a good performance on the right, showing the worst and the best of himself in the second half. First he gives Moffi the pass for the 2-1 and then gets forgiven by serving Mbappé the ball of 3-1.

Kimpembe 6 – Solid performance in the center of the penalty area, with several balls removed from his area of ​​competence.

Marquinhos 7 – The captain of the Parisians looms large in defense, limiting the attacking opponents in the best possible way with several excellent closures. From 72 ‘ Sergio Ramos 6 – Enter a result widely placed in the safe, not being solicited on many occasions.

Nuno Mendes 6.5 – He does not push too much on the left, but does a practically perfect defensive job as on the occasion of the closure on Ouattara one step away from Donnarumma.

Pereira 6 – Play a game of great substance in the middle of the field, making his presence felt even without any noteworthy plays. From 80 ‘Kehrer sv.

Paredes 6 – After an ordered first half, he had to leave the court just before the break due to a problem with his adductors. From 43 ‘ Wijnaldum 6 – Compared to the teammate who detects, he aims more forward during the recovery.

Gueye 6.5 – In addition to doing his duty in the nerve center of the pitch, he also shows himself forward as when the ball is needed and Mbappé converts in 2-0.

Messi 7 – He wants to redeem the last period and enters several Parisian actions, starting the one that leads to the advantage and rounding the score with the 4-1 goal.

Mbappé 8 – The brightest star of PSG, who in the first half serves to Neymar the ball of the advantage and signs the doubling. His impressive performance continues after the break, with the 3-1 goal and the assists for Messi’s poker and Neymar’s 5-1.

Neymar 7.5 – Draw the best in the formation of Pochettino. He has the merit of unlocking the match, taking advantage of Mbappé’s perfect assist. In the second half he remains more in the shade, at least until the final minutes and that is when he scores his second goal of the evening.

Mauricio Pochettino 7 – When his team plays like against Lorient, it is a real feast for the eyes. It is up to him to make them make the definitive qualitative leap also at European level.


Dreyer 6 – In the first half he is among the few who are saved, avoiding that the passive is heavier. This prospect, however, becomes a reality during the recovery.

Mendes 5 – He has a lot to do against Neymar and Mbappé, as they push on his side. He suffers tremendously especially after the interval.

Laporte 5 – He starts with a good attitude, sometimes limiting the PSG trident. As the minutes pass, however, he raises the white flag. Emblematic is the way in which he is jumped by Mbappé in the 3-1.

Petrot 5 – Together with Laporte, he lives a nightmare evening having to face the unleashed offensive trident of PSG.

Le Goff 5 – Heve face Hakimi and does so with difficulty, rarely proposing himself on the left wing.

Ouattara 5 – It starts with some good offensive initiatives, but decreases in incisiveness as the match progresses. From 78 ‘Lauriente sv.

Abergel 5.5 – After a first half decidedly below the sufficiency, he improves in both phases in the first part of the second half.

Monconduit 5 – Usually guarantees substance and lucidity in the middle of the field, but fails in his task both when the Lorient goes into difficulty and at the beginning of the second half when he tries to recover. From 89 ‘Silva sv.

Le Fée 5.5 – It rarely lights up on the left, but it has the merit of creating a danger in the second half of the game. From 89 ‘Lemoine sv.

Moffi 6 – First half definitely in the shade, with very few plays to report in the last meters. He then redeems himself partially, with the goal of hope made in vain by the Parisian goleada. From 78 ‘Boisgard sv.

Koné 5.5 – Some clever side for his teammates and little else from the Lorient center forward. From 69 ‘ Soumano 5.5 – He does not have many opportunities to show off, given that in the end his team are stunned by the tide of PSG.

Christophe Pelissier 5.5 – His team remains in the game until the start of the second half, but in the end there is little that can be done. It’s hard to ask his Lorient for more.