Tetê, goal after 2 ‘from the debut with Lyon: he arrived on loan on Thursday from Shakhtar

Under contract with Shakhtar Donetsk, but stopped since last December, due to the championship break in Ukraine and the subsequent outbreak of the conflict with Russia, Tetê immediately found the goal after 2 ‘from the debut with Lyon: he arrived on loan until the end of the season. His transfer had only been made official on Thursday: a dream restart

One hundred and thirty-two seconds. That’s enough for Mateus Cardoso Lemos Martins, better known as Tetêto score the first goal with the shirt of Lyon, on the day of the debut. The purchase of him had been made official by the French club last Thursday. Yes, the transfer market is closed, but not for the players who are part of the Ukrainian and Russian federations, to whom FIFA has granted an exemption to return to play away from war and safe (click here for details). Tetê, Brazilian right winger born in 2000is under contract with Shakhtar Donetsk, but has passed until the end of the championship on loan to Olympique Lyon. In order not to lose the rhythm of the race, keep in shape and return to have fun, dribble and score, the great passions of him since he was little and he dreamed of becoming like Pele. Lyon thanks him immediately: his goal is very heavy and he decided the Ligue 1 match against Angerswon 3-2 thanks to his decisive flash. A shot with a right turn, impregnable for the opposing goalkeeper. Network shaking and running under the curve in celebration. From the sounds of bombs to those of the roar of a stadium. Emotions that the war had almost made him forget. But today is a new beginning. And more beautiful than that it was hard to imagine.

Tetê, the little boy who dreamed of becoming like Pele

Born on February 15, 2000 in Alvorada, a Brazilian municipality a few kilometers from Porto Alegre, in the south of the country, Tetê grew up with a great passion for football and I dream of becoming like his idol Pele, heard from the stories of relatives and then studied on YouTube. He starts playing football at school, he ends early at Gremio, the club of his heart forever. The club where he grew up, as a player and as a man. He talked about it in a long post published on Instagram on the day of his departure for Ukraine: “Here I learned everything, now I have to leave”. He was discovered by the scouts of Shakhtar Donetsk – European breeding ground of great Brazilian talents -, who brought him to Ukraine in February 2019. In three years, Tetê scored 31 goals and offered 15 assists to his Shakhtar teammates until last December, when the championship had stopped and would never restart.

From attention to food to the house given to parents

Tetê is a boy who was lucky enough to grow up with healthy principles and values. Thanks to the family he grew up in and to which he gave one three years ago new house, “a hundred times better” – he said -, to thank them for the sacrifices made to allow them to pursue their dream called ‘football’. A dream chased with the right determination, on and off the pitch. It is said, in fact, that he takes great care of himself, a little to the CR7: Hasn’t drunk soft drinks since he was twelve. Reliability and talent. Those skills that have allowed him to reach great levels. Those qualities that the Lyon fans also discovered, one hundred and thirty-two seconds after he entered the field.