‘Treated by our fans, of course, I don’t think that’s possible’

Saturday, April 2, 2022 at 10:08 PM• Dominic Mostert • Last update: 23:27

Erik ten Hag is not happy with the fierce criticism from Ajax supporters towards Daley Blind. In recent months, some fans have been calling for Nicolás Tagliafico to return to the starting line-up, as Blind’s lack of speed would often cause problems on the left. According to Ten Hag, the 32-year-old routine deserves more respect for his achievements in football.

Ten Hag was asked at the press conference after the victory over FC Groningen (1-3) about the whistle concert of Groningen supporters towards Dusan Tadic. “I didn’t like what the fans of Groningen did,” said the former player of the northerners, who scored from a penalty on behalf of Ajax. “I don’t think I deserved the flute concert. I am very disappointed. I have made people happy here and they have deserved me well. Never, never do I celebrate a goal against Groningen or Twente. This was very bad from the supporters and I don’t think I deserved this. Anyway, it’s their choice.”

Ten Hag takes the question to draw a parallel with Ajax’s recent criticism of Blind. “That is a nice bridge, because you can say the same about Ajax supporters with regard to Daley. I don’t think that is possible. A player who has brought so much to the club, who has brought Dutch football so much… I think that there is no player on the Dutch fields with Daley Blind’s palmares,” says the trainer. “And he is then treated and criticized so much, by his own fans, of course. I don’t think that is possible either. Then we have a lesson to learn. Players are approached with more respect abroad.”

Davy Klaassen is also not pleased with the way Blind is treated. “If you whistle an opponent’s player because he doesn’t play for your club, that’s up to that point,” he tells. AT5† “But first of all, I think you should never whistle your own players. Everyone sometimes plays badly or has bad periods. If you are a fan of a club and you whistle your own players and cheer when they leave, I think that not being able to.”

The criticism also affects Blind himself, Klaassen thinks. “Yeah, sure. I don’t want to speak for him, but of course he also loves the club, so it affects you. If you don’t care about someone and they whistle you, then you think: yes, interesting.” The midfielder can’t say exactly what it does to Blind. “You should ask him that, but I think it’s never fun. The large part of the public does not do that (whistling, ed.), but there are always people who do that. They are not real supporters, I think I.”