WATCH: Diogo Jota and Fabinho give Liverpool a taste of the leadership position | Premier League 2021/2022

  1. 45+1′ – Yellow – Joe Gomez
  2. 23′ – Goal – Diogo Jota (1 – 0)
  1. 90′ – Cont. Thiago by James Milner
  2. 89′ – Goal penalty kick – Fabinho (2 – 0)
  3. 78′ – Cont. Cucho by Emmanuel Dennis
  4. 78′ – Cont. João Pedro by Joshua King
  5. 78′ – Cont. Imran Louza by Tom Cleverley
  6. 69′ – Cont. Mohamed Salah by Sadio Mane
  7. 62′ – Cont. Curtis Jones by Fabinho
  8. 59′ – Yellow – Cucho

If Manchester City don’t beat Burnley later, Liverpool will end the 31st match day in first place. It easily beat Watford at home thanks to Diogo Jota and Fabinho.

Jota has already scored four times with his head in the Premier League this season, no player does better.

His 14th goal of the season also gives Liverpool their tenth consecutive win at Anfield Road. What’s more, the Reds are once again in the lead in England, two points ahead of Manchester City.

Jota’s goal:

  1. second half, minute 95 match over
  2. The ref intervenes: Sadio Mané (Liverpool) handed out a push. second half, minute 92.
  3. second half, minute 90. Substitution at Liverpool, James Milner in, Thiago out
  4. Fabinho (Liverpool) puts the ball on the spot and converts the penalty. second half, minute 89.
  5. Goal after penalty in second half, minute 89 by Liverpool’s Fabinho. 2.0.
  6. Penalty kick for Liverpool. The VAR has studied the images and the referee puts the ball on the dot. second half, minute 88.
  7. Penalty for Liverpool! Error by Juraj Kucka (Watford). Diogo Jota (Liverpool) was stopped. second half, minute 86.
  8. Jordan Henderson takes the corner kick for Liverpool. He drops the ball centrally in front of the goal. second half, minute 86.
  9. Roberto Firmino (Liverpool) can center with his left foot, but his shot is blocked. second half, minute 85.
  10. The linesman’s flag goes up: Emmanuel Dennis (Watford) was offside. second half, minute 80.
  11. second half, minute 78. Substitution at Watford, Emmanuel Dennis in, Cucho out
  12. second half, minute 78. Substitution at Watford, Joshua King in, João Pedro out
  13. second half, minute 78. Substitution at Watford, Tom Cleverley in, Imran Louza out
  14. The attempt is saved by Ben Foster (Watford). The keeper went flat and was able to clamp the ball. second half, minute 76.
  15. Diogo Jota (Liverpool) lashes out with his left… second half, minute 76.
  16. At Liverpool, the corner kick is taken by Andrew Robertson. His cross goes to the first post. second half, minute 74.
  17. Andrew Robertson takes the corner for Liverpool. He drops the ball centrally in front of the goal. second half, minute 72.
  18. second half, minute 69. Substitution at Liverpool, Sadio Mané in, Mohamed Salah out
  19. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) puts his head against the ball, but he can’t frame. second half, minute 66.