Australian Grand Prix: The different timetable and the changes to the circuit

The Australian Grand Prix will be held again this season for the first time since 2019. The Albert Park Street Circuit has undergone a major overhaul since its last visit to improve overtaking opportunities.

The race in Down Under is a popular destination for many Formula 1 enthusiasts. The streamlined street circuit often gives a nice picture of how fast the cars actually fly around the track. However, overtaking has always been difficult here, which has resulted in frequent use of a train, especially in recent years. That is why the organization has recently completely overhauled the circuit. The track has been subjected to several major adjustments to boost the spectacle level.

Deception in 2020

In addition, Formula 1 has something to make up for here anyway. In 2020, a major deception took place in front of the gates of the circuit. With corona still relatively unknown and on the rise, it was questionable for hours whether the race weekend would be held. After a contamination within the McLaren team, it seemed a clear story, but a decision was still a long time in coming. Just moments before the start of the first free practice session, with thousands of fans already waiting at the gates, it was decided to cancel the weekend. An understandable decision, but the way in which was not the best.

Hordes of fans waiting in front of the gates of the circuit, 2020.

Albert Park Circuit Adjustments

Anyway, on to the circuit adjustments. The first corner has been widened by two and a half meters to avoid chaos at the start of the race. The original layout was described as a ‘bottleneck’. Due to the tight first bend to the right, collisions and yellow flags often hit immediately after the lights went out. Turn four has received a similar treatment. Here the asphalt has been made four meters wider. “As a result, the apex is further away, leaving the door open longer to possibly start overtaking,” said Daniel Ricciardo.

Turn six has been made no less than seven meters wider. It is expected that the drivers will be able to pass this bend more than seventy kilometers per hour faster than before. The biggest change is the addition of a new straight, by removing the chicane between turns nine and ten. This immediately offers the possibility of adding an extra DRS zone, which Formula 1 likes to use. Turn eleven has also been widened. This should offer extra opportunities to start a catch-up action here.

Timetable Australian Grand Prix – Dutch time

Due to the significant time difference with the Netherlands and Australia, the timetable differs considerably from what we know from European races. If you want to follow all sessions live, you will have to keep your alarm clock at hand. The weekend will kick off on Friday 8 April with the first free practice. This will be held at 05:00. The second practice session will follow at 08:00. Saturday 9 April starts at 05:00 with the third and last free practice. Qualifying will be held at 08:00. On Sunday 10 April it is time for the Australian Grand Prix at 07:00.

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