NASCAR driver is disappointed with F1 popularity in US, Viaplay parries criticism on image quality | GPFans Recap

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Today Viaplay has again made itself heard by not agreeing with the criticism of the image quality, a survey by GPFans shows that people are not satisfied with Viaplay, is a NASCAR driver not so happy with the popularity of the Formula 1 in the US and Max Verstappen does not want the race in Abu Dhabi to be filmed. This is the GPFans Recap from Monday, April 4, 2022.

Viaplay doesn’t understand criticism

Last weekend it became clear that Viaplay itself was quite satisfied with the start of this F1 season, and today it became clear that Viaplay also does not agree with the criticism of the image quality during the test days and the first two race weekends. According to the streaming service, the stuttering of streams and images is not their fault, but the people’s home and the quality of the available internet. Read more? Click here!

Research into Viaplay

At GPFans, we conducted a survey among visitors into how fans view Formula 1 in 2022. It became clear that 30% via Viaplay and 30% via F1 TV Pro. 60% appear not to be satisfied with Viaplay so far, while people are a lot more satisfied with F1 TV Pro. It is also clear that more than half of the people who completed the poll thought Ziggo Sport was better than Viaplay or F1 TV Pro last year. Want to see all results? Click here!

NASCAR driver not happy with F1 popularity in US

Thanks to the duels between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen this year, Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton last year and Drive to Survive on Netflix, the popularity of Formula 1 in the US has increased enormously. Also among the American racing talents, who increasingly prefer F1 over IndyCar, NASCAR or other racing classes. Kevin Harvick, NASCAR driver, does not see this as a good development. “They all want to race in F1 cars,” Harvick said of the karters in the US. Read more? Click here!

Drivers happy that F1 is back in Australia

Formula 1 will return to Melbourne for the first time since 2019 (excluding 2020) this weekend to race at a completely modified Albert Park. Two DRS zones have been added and the chicane has been modified. Not only Daniel Ricciardo, but many other drivers are thrilled to be back in Australia. Or as Ricciardo says, “Max cheers!” Read more? Click here!

Verstappen does not need a filming of GP Abu Dhabi

In an interview with Red Bull, Verstappen said that the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix of 2021, which ended in a spectacular way with a victory by the Dutchman for Hamilton, does not need to be filmed as far as he is concerned. However, the Dutchman does let us know which actor has his preference if it does happen: “If it happened now, Leonardo DiCaprio could play me. I have often been told that we look alike, so that would be great.” Read more? Click here!

Viaplay comes with hilarious commercial

Finally, Viaplay, which came up with a fantastic commercial. The ad is quite daring and at some point made the entire internet talk about nothing else. For example, the ad shows that Nikita Mazpin and the Sochi Autodrom ‘leave the chat’, referring to the consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The most remarkable piece is perhaps the so-called app contact between world champion Max Verstappen and rival Lewis Hamilton. Want to see the commercial and read more? Click here!

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