Psg, the ultra bogey is back: the Boulogne curve is closed

There is a new tension between the two most extreme fringes of Parisian supporters: the members of the Block Parisii group will not have access to the stadium or the right to organize transfers

The last death, the one too many, took place on February 28, 2010. An ultrà leader of PSG, of the Boulogne curve, in the hands of the racist extreme right, was massacred at the age of 37, by other Parisian fans, but of the Auteuil, the opposite multi-ethnic and anarchist curve. Then, the club, not yet under the control of Qatar, decided to reset everything, clean up the stands and facilitate the change of ownership. Eleven years later, however, the specter of violent curves returns to the Parco dei Principi, but this time the management intervened immediately, closing the sector of three ultra associations of the Boulogne curve. While the Auteuil curve today celebrates its thirtieth anniversary.


In any case, to push the drastic measure, explains the Equipe today, were some episodes that have rekindled the alert of a return of the violent and racist extreme right in Boulogne. First a banner by the Block Parisii referring to a missed fight with Lyon fans, then the theft of a Paname Rebirth banner on the evening of Psg-Leipzig, with a raid accompanied by racist insults, claimed in the name of the Kop of Boulogne, the group disbanded in 2010, but always remained under the radar. So for the next six months the members of Paname Rebirth and Resistence Paname will have to move to other areas of the Parco dei Principi. While the Parisii Blocks will not have access to the stadium or the right to organize transfers.


The 200 members of the Parisii Block have planned a protest demonstration, just as the Cup, Collectif Ultrs Paris of Auteuil is celebrating 30 years of the curve, with a crowded procession, under the surveillance of 300 agents. Also because we want to avoid incidents that occurred in PSG matches in the early 2000s, which resulted in the murder of Yann Lorence, triggering the Leproux plan, named after the president of the time who uprooted the violent. The measures adopted by the club with the support of the Ministry of the Interior were few but drastic: cancellation of the ultrà associations and 13 thousand subscriptions of the curves, banning of about 2 thousand violent individuals, random and nominative allocation of seats, purchase ceiling of four tickets , six for the areas reserved for adults with minors and families, ban on displaying banners.


Once a more serene atmosphere was found, the season tickets returned, but randomly placed. And on the occasion, a ban on smoking and taking pictures from the stands was imposed. Even so, the Parc des Princes is once again a place that can be visited by all and above all a sure source of income. All thanks not only to the restoration work for the 2016 European Championship, but also to the profitable commercial policy orchestrated by the CEO. Jean-Claude Blanc who transformed what used to be a bedlam of violent people into one of the most modern and fascinating stadiums in Europe, which has an annual fill rate close to 100%.