Research: Viaplay and F1 TV split the Dutch market, Ziggo Sport is missed


Viaplay and F1 TV Pro are the most popular among Dutch Formula 1 viewers since Ziggo Sport lost the broadcasting rights. This is according to a study by GPFans, in which more than 2000 people took part. However, the majority of the respondents indicate that Ziggo Sport broadcasts are missed.

Until this season, Ziggo Sport invariably broadcast the races in Formula 1, but last year it was announced that the channel would lose the broadcasting rights to Viaplay. The Swedish provider put in a higher offer and thus managed to seize the coveted images of the royal class of motorsport. A big change for Formula 1 watching Netherlands, which had to make a new choice about how and where they would watch their favorite sport. GPFans launched a survey last month to find out where F1 fans are currently located and whether they are satisfied with their chosen provider. Viaplay and F1 TV Pro seem to have the largest market share, but Ziggo Sport is definitely missed.

Viaplay and F1 TV Pro dominate the Dutch market

More than 2000 participants were asked which provider they currently watch Formula 1 through and the responses show that most fans have found shelter with Viaplay or F1 TV Pro. Both providers receive 30% of the votes. In addition, there is another 13% who use Viaplay in combination with the Grand Prix Radio app of Jack Plooij and Olav Mol. 5% of the participants use this app at the same time as the images from F1 TV Pro. All in all, Viaplay and F1 TV Pro serve about 78% of the respondents.

Ziggo Sport is losing, but is missed by viewer

Ziggo Sport has had to give up a lot to viewers since the loss of the broadcasting rights. Because the sports channel still has the summaries of the Grands Prix in its hands, it can still count on 7% of the viewers. The other people indicated that they follow Formula 1 via an illegal stream (5%), a foreign provider (3%) or just the Grand Prix Radio app (2%). Remarkably, 5% indicate that they have stopped watching Formula 1 since 2022.

However, the fact that Ziggo Sport had to make a significant sacrifice has nothing to do with the quality of the broadcasts delivered. In fact: Ziggo Sport is missed by Formula 1-watchers in the Netherlands, according to our research. No less than 60% indicate that Ziggo Sport was better than both Viaplay and F1 TV Pro. Another 21% indicated that Ziggo managed its business better than Viaplay alone. 4% indicate that all providers are not inferior to each other and 8% think that Viaplay and/or F1 TV Pro do better than Ziggo. The rest have no opinion.

Viaplay frequently used, but not satisfactorily

Although Viaplay has managed to get a lot of Dutch people on board, not everyone is satisfied with the services provided. There has been a lot of criticism of the Swedish streaming service lately and this is also confirmed in our survey. No less than 60% of those surveyed rate Viaplay as ‘poor’. 18% are ‘reasonably’ satisfied, while only 7% say they think Viaplay is ‘good’. The other group indicates that it has no opinion on this subject or does not use the services of Viaplay.

Viewer more positive about F1 TV Pro

The official Formula 1 app, F1 TV Pro, can count on significantly more positive feedback. Our research shows that 41% rate F1 TV Pro as ‘good’. Another 14% are ‘reasonably’ satisfied. Only 4% are dissatisfied with the app and call it ‘bad’. The other group indicates that they have no opinion on this subject or do not use the services of F1 TV.

Dutch commentary important for viewers

Formula 1-watching Netherlands indicates that they prefer to watch races that are provided with commentary in their own language. Dutch commentary is an absolute must for 59% of the respondents. Another 36% say it is not required, but preferred. Only 4% prefer English commentary, as is now the case with F1 TV. 1% prefer to watch with other comments or no comments at all.

Participants have been researching F1 fan for a long time

The participants of the GPFanssurvey have had an affinity with the sport for years, the results show. No less than 55% say they have been watching Formula 1 for more than ten years. Another 26% have been watching for at least five years. A smaller group of 13% indicate that they follow the performances in the premier class of motorsport for at least two years. 4% say they have joined since last season, while 1% have only discovered their love for the sport this year.

Results YouTube

GPFans’ YouTube channel was also asked about how they view Formula 1 in 2022 and another 8,000 people responded. Viaplay is the most used streaming service with 39%, but is closely followed by F1 TV Pro, which received 33% of the votes. Another 20% indicated that they use one of the official streams in combination with Jack Plooij and Olav Mol’s Grand Prix Radio app. 6% indicated that they watch the summaries on Ziggo Sport, while 2% prefer to watch the summaries on the NOS.

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