Team of the Week: ‘Trauner quickly sees and finds depth’ | Football


Timon Wellenreuther Willem II still managed to get a lot of balls out against Feyenoord,” said the 47-time international. “Of the rare positively striking goalkeepers, he was the best this weekend. Although he could have meant something more with Luis Sinisterra’s first goal.”


Joshua Brenet FC Twente effortlessly managed to survive against PSV. He is fast, can also reach the back line offensively and is a real modern full-back. He has been doing well anyway since he returned to the Netherlands after his previous time at PSV.”

Jurrien Timber van Ajax is a good central defender and a real football player. He’s not into ramming and rowing. He could also play very easily in midfield. He often comes out of that, of course, because he has the ability to play someone from backwards, turn them away and create a numerical superiority one line further. It’s also fast enough not to get into trouble in the switch. (Laughing) He’s kind of the opposite of me before.”

Gernot Trauner wins a duel against Willem II

Gernot Trauner wins a duel against Willem II

Gernot Trauner van Feyenoord is my player of the week and is next to Timber in the team. He quickly sees the depth to play in and finds his fellow players as well. The faster that pass comes, the more time and space Feyenoord will have in the front, of course. He also doesn’t do stupid things and therefore very few wrong things.”

Tyrell Malacia van Feyenoord is the left back. He is developing well. He occasionally takes a little too much risk with the ball, but that becomes a good left wing defender. He is agile, defensive and with the ball at his feet. Will we see him much more often in Orange? I hope so.”


Laros Duarte van FC Groningen is a good player on the ball and also has good individual action. He can manage well in the small space. I found him a revelation against Ajax. That he managed to stand out is amazing.”

Cody Gakpo

„It was already 3-1 for FC Twente then Cody Gakpo came in at PSV after the break. But then you immediately see that he brings about a lot, a very good player. That’s why he’s at ’10’ in my team of the week. He can also play as a striker or from the sides. He has speed, individual action and scoring ability with a very good shot, which was evident from the 3-2 that he quickly scored. The noises about a transfer to Arsenal? That would be really nice. The pace is higher there and he has to act even faster: that only makes him better.”

Ramiz Zerrouki FC Twente is also in the team. That is what I call a real corrective midfielder, with also a good overview. He is able to conquer balls, you saw that against PSV, and also knows how to move the game well. His continuation is very often good.”


Dusan Tadic Ajax had another assist against FC Groningen and a goal with that penalty kick. It’s not that he always plays for the stars, but what he does for the team is very important. Partly because of him, Ajax has done very important business this weekend with the 1-3 in Groningen. This gives Ajax confidence.”

Ricky van Wolfswinkel FC Twente is the striker. A cool frog, as he showed himself against PSV with two goals. He can finish the chances they get. He has been away from the Netherlands for a while, but this season it appears with fourteen goals that he still has it. At a club that can make it difficult for the top clubs in the mutual duels.”

Jesper Karlsson from AZ is the left winger. He is a boy with a preparatory action, is able to give the balls for the assist or to score a goal. It’s all been too playful for a while, with actions that not everyone was always waiting for. He has to make the moves to prepare for goals and he seems to have got that right for a while now.”