The Stats: Kökcü, Aursnes and Sinisterra stand out

Feyenoord controlled the match against Willem II almost completely, but had trouble finding a gap. For example, many players performed well on the ball, but without creating many life-size opportunities. However, Orkun Kökcü, Fredrik Aursnes and Luis Sinisterra in particular were able to distinguish themselves in some specific statistics.

The 2-0 victory was a good reflection of the relationships on the field, although it took a while before Feyenoord was able to express this on the scoreboard. The statistics also confirmed the image of a Feyenoord that was in control (69% possession) and fired many shots, but had trouble getting through the Tilburg defense. No fewer than 30 Rotterdam goal attempts were recorded, but only 9 of them were on target. The visitors didn’t even shoot on goal once (3 attempts in total). Despite this big difference, the Expected Goals* corresponded reasonably with the result: 2.38 for Feyenoord against 0.49 for Willem II.

Expected Goals: Expected number of goals based on the number of chances and their quality. Figures from EredivisiePlots

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Kokcu & Aursnes
The stars, according to statistics from SofaScore at least, we found back in midfield. There it was Fredrik Aursnes (127) and Orkun Kökcü (125) who had the ball most often (Tyrell Malacia was also very present with 117 ball contacts) and from there directed the game. Aursnes sent 105 passes, of which 87 arrived (83%); for Kökcü there were 91 out of 103 (88%). Both players saw 7 long balls coming. Aursnes needed 9 attempts for that number, Kökcü 8.

In a match that was as stiff as the one against Willem II, it is of course especially important to look at passes with which something could be created. These came, as is often the case, from the foot of Kökcü. He was good for 6 key passes. Guus Til also did well in this respect with 4. They were followed by Luis Sinisterra and Malacia with 3 and Aursnes, Marcus Pedersen and Reiss Nelson with 2 key passes each.

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On the other hand, Aursnes stood out more defensively. He won 11 of his 15 matches (8 out of 10 on the ground, 3 out of 5 in the air). Only Gernot Trauner (12 out of 16) and Nelson (12 out of 15) were even stronger in their duels. Aursnes also captured the ball no less than 7 times with a tackle, by far the most of any Feyenoord player (Siniterra followed with 4).

Sinisterra certainly didn’t play a bad game either. His aforementioned key pass and tackle stats were solid, on top of that he scored, scored all of his 3 shots on target and even had the highest passing accuracy of any Feyenoord team (92%, 48 of his 52 passes came in handy). at). Sinisterra also took on the most duels (17), but only won 8. In addition, only 2 of his 5 dribbles succeeded, a stat in which the Colombian normally excels. Nelson (6 out of 6 dribbles succeeded) and Pedersen (5 out of 5) performed very well in this area.