Dusan Tadic suffered a broken finger in Classic against Feyenoord

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at 6:12 PM• Rian Rosendaal • Last update: 19:54

Dusan Tadic broke his finger in the Classic against Feyenoord (3-2 victory) on March 20, the Ajax captain revealed more than two weeks later in conversation with Ajax TV† Despite the physical discomfort, the veteran signed for the important equalizer in the final phase, after which Antony gave Ajax the full loot. Tadic played against FC Groningen (1-3) on Saturday with protective tape on his finger.

The reporter from the club channel asks at the beginning of the interview why Tadic has tape on his finger. “I broke my finger against Feyenoord”, the Ajax wing attacker answers. “But I was playing with a lot of adrenaline at the time, so I didn’t actually suffer from it. Can I feel the pain now? No, I don’t feel any pain,” emphasizes Tadic with a smiling face. “It is one of the most beautiful matches, De Classicer. It was a difficult game, both teams played well. But we pushed on in the last half hour and they had trouble with that.” The captain of Ajax got beer thrown at his head against Groningen after he had given his team a 1-2 lead, but that was no reason for him to make theater.

“Yes, free beer”, Tadic jokes about the much-discussed incident in Groningen. “It didn’t hurt me, so it’s okay. Even then I was full of adrenaline and then it doesn’t affect me at all.” Tadic put his finger on his mouth after his goal, in order to silence the Groningen audience. The attacker came in for a lot of criticism, including from trainer Danny Buijs of the home team. The choice lord of Groningen asked himself on Sunday morning Good morning Eredivisie wonder why Tadic had to provoke if necessary after his hit.

Tadic looks at Ajax TV briefly recalled the incident against his former employer: “The fans of Groningen whistled at me, but I did not really understand why. I had wonderful years there. They have always been proud that I played there. And I have always said that Ajax is my dream club, for me the best club in the world. But FC Twente and Groningen have also been very important for my development. As a person and as a player. And I have always said that I would never cheer against those teams. Because both teams will remain in my heart forever,” said Tadic.

“But on Saturday I was whistled from the start. I don’t know exactly why. Anyway, maybe they are not happy that I went to Twente then”, Tadic is looking for a reason for the whistle. “But I have never cheered when I scored against Groningen. It was a crazy moment, but everyone gets what it deserves,” the captain reminds the Groningen fans once again of his goal from Saturday.