“I don’t play for statistics. I have a good shot, but I prefer …

For the past 10 years it has been one of the pillars of Paris Saint-Germain: Marco Verratti in France he became a complete midfielder, capable of managing the ball as much as of effectively recovering it. And to earn the starting shirt also in the national team.

In an interview with L’Equipe, Verratti talked about his role, physical problems and football vision. “I grew up in Ligue 1. I love it. It taught me a lot. From the outside it is not considered as it deserves, but it is a very difficult championship.” said the midfielder.

“I feel comfortable under pressure. A good pass counts as a dribble.”

In the role of Verratti there are many great players who have gone down in history: their name does not appear often in the scores, but they are of vital importance for the team: “From Pirlo to Busquets to Thiago Motta, they are all players intelligent. No.They are not in the statistics but they make sure all their teammates are doing well on the pitch. No.I’m not surprised that Thiago has become a coach. He already was when he was on the pitch. I don’t think a great midfield should have great numbers. I don’t play to score. I play to make the team play well “.


Verratti gives its best when it is under pressure: I feel comfortable, it’s my way of seeing football. I don’t like sweeping the ball. I know it’s dangerous sometimes but we have to take this responsibility. Ancelotti one day he took me aside and said “Marco, please, when you are closed, close your eyes and kick the ball as far as possible”. Then later he said to me: “Okay Marco, do what you want because I know it’s your way to play. Either I leave you on the bench or I take you as you are, because you will never change. ” I’m never afraid of losing the ball “.

“My role is to dictate the timing of the match” Verratti continued. When I manage to serve Messi or Neymar between the lines, a danger can arise: a good pass is as good as a good dribble. I have a good shot, but I don’t use it often. It’s my fault, but it comes from my way of seeing football. I prefer a pass to a shot. ” Although, over time, Verratti has also become known for his recoveries in slip: It’s something I learned when I was a kid, I had a coach who made me work on this way of slipping without fail. I’m small, for me it’s the only way to get the ball“.

From physical problems to the relationship with the referees

But the experience in Paris was not always easy: i physical problems have long tormented the midfielder. During my first three seasons at PSG, I had trouble sleeping because it hurt all over. In these three years I have played a lot, sometimes under anti-inflammatory, until the first operation (groin pain) arrived. Then things got better “.


On the other hand, the relationship with the children has not improved referees of Ligue 1: they are ben 8 yellow cards in 13 games this year: “I’m not unfair, you can ask any opponent. When I’m wrong I take responsibility for it, I recognize it. Why can’t you tell if a referee makes a mistake? In three games I made three fouls and got three yellow cards. But by now I’m used to playing as a yellow card here in France. In the Champions League I have a normal relationship with the referees, we can discuss them “.