Alexander Kristoff solos (!) to victory in a beastly fan edition of the Scheldeprijs | Scheldt price 2022

After Gent-Wevelgem, Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert has won a new fat spring fish with the Scheldeprijs. Alexander Kristoff (34) did not wait for his sprint and rode away in the final from a leading group that had been created by the wind in Zeeland. Quick Step missed the trick again.

The 110th edition of the Scheldeprijs in a nutshell:

Winner of the day: you don’t often win the Scheldeprijs after a solo. So Alexander Kristoff (34)! On his own, he outclassed his fellow escapees, almost all of whom had at least one teammate on board.

Losers of the Day (1): Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl is not riding its best spring. Now the team also missed the right fan, yet the specialty of the wolves.

Losers of the Day (2): Tim Merlier and Jasper Philipsen were immediately awake. Merlier would guide Philipsen to victory in the leading group. So much for the tactics, because in the results you will only just find them in the top 10.

You ask fans, you get fans

Anyone who has ever cycled around in Zeeland knows that the wind is always there. Also today.

Weatherman Bram Verbruggen predicted a strong breeze from the southwest, with wind gusts up to 60 km/h.

That prediction made the peloton salivate. The riders couldn’t wait to pedal some solid wattages and nowAfter half an hour it was already bingo: the peloton broke into pieces.

Had missed the boat: the wolves of Quick Step. Together with Morkov, Steels and Stybar, top favorite Jakobsen had to chase.

The winner is in the front

With averages above 50 km/h it turned out fine in the leading group. Bora-Hansgrohe was best represented at the front with 4 riders, Alpecin-Fenix ​​had two leaders with Merlier and Philipsen.

But it was loner Kristoff who surprised everyone with a solo. After Quick Step and Lotto-Soudal had thrown in the towel, he knew that one of the 13 leaders would win the Scheldeprijs.

On the last passage of the cobblestones in the Broekstraat, 7 km from the finish, he threw his two-wheeler into a solid gear. Little by little, the Norwegian bear raced away to his second win in Schoten (after 2015).

Behind him, Van Poppel won the sprint for second place ahead of Australian (ex-)pistier Welsford.

It was no longer necessary for Philipsen and Merlier. They came in 8th and 9th respectively.

Kristoff: “I don’t often win after a solo”

“It was a hard race”, winner Alexander Kristoff said. “I gave up because Gerben Thijssen had fallen from our leading group.”

“I have to thank him. Thanks to him I was in the first fan.”

Deep into the final, Kristoff spoke to his experience. “Bora kept attacking,” he testified. “At the end of the cobblestones I took my chance.”

He still succeeded. “And that after a solo. I have not often succeeded,” laughed the 34-year-old Norwegian.

More reactions after the Scheldeprijs:

  1. 17 hours 33. Philipsen: “My legs were full”. Alpecin-Fenix’s plan has failed. Philipsen would sprint, Merlier would fire him. “Until there was a race in the final. After such a hard day, my legs were full,” Philipsen explained. †
  2. 5 pm 6 pm I don’t often win solo and I have to thank Gerben Thijssen for that. He steered me into the right range. Alexander Kristoff.
  3. 5 pm 15. The top 10. 1. Kristoff 2. Van Poppel 3. Welsford 4. Van Uden 5. Theuns 6. Vanbilsen 7. McLay 8. Philipsen 9. Merlier 10. Mullen .
  4. 5 pm 12. More than 3 minutes behind Kristoff, De Lie Jakobsen beats in the sprint. †
  5. 5 pm 11. A sprint race? No, this was an atypical Scheldt price. Jose DeCauwer.
  6. 17 hours 09 match ended
  7. last km. As Kristoff tackles the last kilometer, the battle for the places of honor erupts behind him. Who will accompany the Norwegian on stage? † 17 hours 07.
  8. + 21 seconds. Another 3 km: Alexander Kristoff will once again lift himself onto the honors list of Schoten. He already won once in 2015. His lead over his fellow refugees: 23 seconds. † 5 p.m. 06.
  9. 5 p.m. 04. Tim and Jasper, make a decision. Karl Vannieuwkerke.
  10. 17 hours 03. Another 4 km: Tim Merlier is going to empty himself. The Australian Welsford joins in the counterattack. Kristoff is running a monster resistance in the front. †
  11. 5 p.m. 03. Kristoff surprises with a late cutout.

    Kristoff surprises with a late outing

  12. 5 p.m. 02. Kristoff in stocking feet. Another 5 km: Kristoff has 100 meters. Will the sturdy Norwegian keep up his effort to the finish? At the pursuers they look at each other. †
  13. 17h01. I think the bird has started flying. Jose DeCauwer.
  14. Kristoff on the cobblestones. Another 7 km: Kristoff goes hard on the cobblestones. “Just close this one,” says Karl Vannieuwkerke. Theuns and Merlier make an attempt. † 4 p.m. 59.
  15. 4 pm 58. Van Uden also does not get away, Bennett in trouble.

    Van Uden also does not get away, Bennett in trouble

  16. 4 p.m. 57. Bennett drops out. Another 8 km: The fat is from the soup at Sam Bennett. The Irishman will not take revenge for his 2nd place last year. †
  17. 4 o’clock 57. We enter the Broekstraat for the last time, who is forcing something?

    We enter the Broekstraat for the last time, who is forcing something?

  18. 4 p.m. 56. Attacks blown. Another 10 km: Third time, lucky time? No, Mullen won’t get away. The Dutchman Van Uden does? †
  19. 4 p.m. 55. Bora in action. 12 km to go: Irish champion Ryan Mullen tries again. Now it is Jasper Philipsen who gets into his wheel. The attack does not last long, Jordi Meeus is the next to attack. Bora wants to thin out the leading group. †