‘Can play a meaningful role’

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at 07:30• Last update: 09:01

Maximiliano Romero was the big man on Monday evening in the PSV promise team against FC Volendam (2-2). The Argentinian took on both Eindhoven goals and ensured that Volendam again spilled points. Ruud van Nistelrooij is pleased with Romero’s drive and expects that he may have a role in the A-selection next year. The same applies to Richard Ledezma, who has barely played this season due to a lingering injury.

“It is hoped for him that he will now remain fit,” Van Nistelrooij told the Eindhovens Dagblad about Romero. The Argentinian appeared at the kick-off against Volendam and proved his worth by bringing Jong PSV back from behind twice. “Just like Ledezma, he is a very nice player to have in the group. These are guys who don’t see Jong PSV as a must, but who go all out. They radiate that they love coming to play football with us and our players are very fond of them. For them these are very valuable minutes, to maybe play a part in the first team.”

Also for the cameras of ESPN Van Nistelrooij was full of praise for Romero. “He sees what is going to happen faster than others. Then he is gone before the defenders. That is his lead. And with his starting speed he is unstoppable. It is a quality that makes him really special. He dares to be to postpone completion. He waits a moment and chips the ball over the keeper. That is quality. I enjoyed it. Only, in the past four and a half years: how many times has he played 90 minutes? You give it to him like that. Every time he has to turn that button again and rehabilitate. But if he stays fit you see that he has goals in him. And that is always welcome.”

Romero came over from Argentina four years ago for an amount of ten million euros, making it the fourth most expensive purchase in PSV’s club history. Immediately after his arrival, the striker suffered a serious injury and was also out for very long periods after that. With only 14 games (5 goals and 3 assists) for PSV 1, he has not yet been able to repay his high price tag. The last time he made minutes in the main squad was at the end of January, when he participated for half an hour in the won cup match against Telstar. The attacker is still with PSV until next summer.

Van Nistelrooij, who is discussing the details of his selection for next season with the club management, expects Romero to have what it takes to play a significant role for PSV. “We have also seen that earlier this season. The most important thing is that it is now possible to keep the injuries out. He has shown enormous resilience, because it is not easy which situation he comes from. Rehabilitate every time, then again play and get injured again. He has been here for four years now and he shows that he is made of the right stuff. Now I hope he manages to play for a long period of time.”

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