LIVE: Benzema completes hat-trick after Mendy’s terrible blunder, Courtois prevents connection goal | UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

  1. 40′ – Goal – Kai Havertz (1 – 2)
  2. 24′ – Goal – Karim Benzema (0 – 2)
  3. 21′ – Goal – Karim Benzema (0 – 1)
  4. 19′ – Yellow – Antonio Rüdiger
  5. 14′ – Yellow – Eder Militao
  1. 46′ – Goal – Karim Benzema (1 – 3)
  2. 46′ – Cont. N’Golo Kante by Hakim Ziyech
  3. 46′ – Cont. Andreas Christensen by Mateo Kovacic

The most beautiful poster in the quarter-finals of the Champions League? Chelsea-Real Madrid. Follow the top competition on this page.

  1. Phenomenal save Courtois! Where Mendy goes terribly wrong, Courtois shines! He makes a wonderful save on a nice long shot from Azpilicueta. With his right arm outstretched, he can just tap the ball into a corner.  † second half, minute 50.
  2. Goal in second half, minute 46 by Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema. 1, 3.
  3. second half, minute 46. Benzema punishes blunder Mendy. What a way to start the second half! Mendy has all the time in the world to play the ball quietly, but delivers a bad pass to Rüdiger far too nonchalantly. Benzema is well in between and can easily deposit the ball in the empty goal. Another European hat-trick for the French top striker. †
  4. second half, minute 46. 2nd half. Thomas Tuchel intervenes at the start of the second half. Kovacic and Ziyech join the squad for Kanté and Christensen. †
  5. second half, minute 46 match started
  6. second half, minute 46. Substitution at Chelsea, Hakim Ziyech in, N’Golo Kanté out
  7. second half, minute 46. Substitution at Chelsea, Mateo Kovacic in, Andreas Christensen out
  8. first half, minute 47 match over
  9. first half, minute 46. Half time. After a wonderful game of football in the first half, Real goes into halftime with a 1-2 lead. Benzema was once again the Madrid hero with 2 goals in just 3 minutes. Havertz headed Chelsea back into the game shortly before half-time. †
  10. first half, minute 44.
  11. first half, minute 42. Benzema misses hat-trick! He can miss too, Karim Benzema. After a quick counterattack, Vinicius brings the ball low in front of the goal. Jorginho can only half intercept the cross and puts the ball ready for Benzema. The 1-3 seems to be in the making, but Benzema goes wide from close by. †
  12. Goal in the first half, minute 40 by Chelsea’s Kai Havertz. 1, 2.
  13. first half, minute 40. Havertz brings Chelsea back into the game! Chelsea is back in full swing! Jorginho drops the ball in the box and Havertz pops up well in Carvajal’s back. He beat Courtois with a good header. The goalkeeper was there for a while, but not enough to prevent the connecting goal. †
  14. first half, minute 38. Silva heads over. Chelsea can finally hand out a shot. On a corner, the ball lands on Thiago Silva’s head, although he has to bend very deeply to head. His attempt goes over the target. †
  15. first half, minute 36.
  16. Carvajal puts Mendy to work. Carvajal actually gets deep into Chelsea’s sixteen. After a difficult control he fumbles out another half successful shot from a sharp angle. Still, Mendy’s rescue is necessary. † first half, minute 33.
  17. first half, minute 30. Militao in the hands of Mendy. Militao can head again on a corner, but Mendy simply picks the ball. It is by no means simple for Chelsea. The home team started the game brightly, but suddenly finds themselves 0-2 behind after half an hour of game. †
  18. first half, minute 28.
  19. first half, minute 26. No penalty. Havertz goes down in the box after a light contact with Casemiro. Chelsea immediately claimed a penalty, but there was not much going on. Referee Turpin feels the same way. †