Maduro rejects PSV, Sparta and Groningen and stops on TV at Eredivisie job

One of the greatest coaching talents in the Netherlands will remain in the Kitchen Champion Division for the time being. Almere City announced on Tuesday that Hedwiges Maduro will stay with the club longer. That’s great, because Maduro was also in the interest of clubs from the Eredivisie. Then why stay?

Maduro signed on Tuesday for two years with Almere City, where he is in charge of the promise team. Recently, he received offers from Sparta, FC Groningen and PSV, among others. In Eindhoven, Maduro could become an assistant coach at Jong PSV, Sparta and Groningen had the same role in mind, but then with the first team. There was also interest from abroad.

“What I already said in the press release: I know what I’m doing and I want to develop as a trainer,” says Maduro. “I have done a lot in my career by instinct and I am doing that again. So it was not sleepless nights. Of course you are curious about what other clubs have to offer and where you can learn the most. You look closely at what is best suits you. I don’t know if you can call it doubting, you orient yourself. My contract has expired, then it is logical that you think about the future. Everyone would do that. The conclusion is that I will become a better trainer by to stay with Almere.”

Last diploma
For Maduro, the coming period will be dominated by obtaining the very last UEFA Pro diploma. He now has two, soon there will be three. “That is the last diploma of the four that you have to get as a trainer. I am in the final phase of my third and it will take at least one and a half to two years before I have the last one. Only then can you be a head coach. There was a chance that I would become an assistant somewhere, in the Kitchen Champion Division or Eredivisie, which is why there was also interest from various clubs.”

Almere City reported on the club site that Maduro received ‘lucrative offers from home and abroad’. “That was about clubs from Europe, then you have to think of the countries where I played myself (Maduro played in the Netherlands, Spain, Greece and Cyprus, ed.). There I could in principle get the same role as I do here now. have got.”

“With the diploma that I will soon have, I can be the first assistant and lead all the training sessions. You can do almost everything, even the setups, except for the interviews afterwards. That’s it† That is interesting for many clubs. You saw it at Fortuna Sittard with Sjors Ultee and Kevin Hofland: Ultee had his UEFA Pro diploma, but everyone knew that Hofland did everything. There are clubs that opt ​​for that. That option was there for me too, but I didn’t see it that way. I’m not in a rush or anything, I still have a lot to learn. We did well with Almere City, became champions of the Eredivisie O21 and are now at the top again. It’s going well.”

Television work
There is a good chance that Maduro will disappear from the tube in the foreseeable future. He works as an analyst at ESPN. “If I start working in the Eredivisie, I’ll stop. I’m not going to analyze the Eredivisie if I work at an Eredivisie club. I don’t think that’s neat. In the KKD it’s something different. I am now also working as an assistant at “The first team and can then analyze the Eredivisie now and then. It is useful for the future: when we promote I know a lot about the clubs. Analyzing matches is also part of the trainer’s profession.”

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