Nantes-PSG 3-1, the report cards: Lafont stretches his tentacles. The trident of dreams fires blanks

Final result: Nantes-Paris Saint Germain 3-1


Lafont 8.5 – The fingers of the hands are not enough to count his interventions. He immediately responds by closing the first post to Bernat. He hypnotizes Messi and Neymar says no to Mbappe and Gueye. He stretches his tentacles blocking everything, including a badly kicked penalty by Neymar.

Castle 7 – Friulian father, Cameroonian mother, born in France. A nice melting pot, aggressive enough on Neymar. He gets a yellow, heavy burden that he has to live with. He favors the 3-0 penalty.

Appiah 6.5 – He falls into despair when he sees the red from Lesage waving in his face. Fortunately, there is the VAR that corrects the evaluation error. Clean in the closures, severity caused apart. Risk the second yellow.

Pallois 7.5 – Rough within the limits of what is allowed on Messi, he exalts himself in sliding interventions. Spreads Mbappè taking a bit of everything. Defender of yesteryear, he sends La Beaujoire into ecstasy.

Bukari 7.5 – Impregnable if he is allowed a little field to attack, he also gives a great hand in cover. He waits for the right moment and sets up for Merlin’s party. He comes out exhausted after spending a lot. From 67 ‘ Corchia 6.5 – Twelfth man, the most successful in the Kombuarè squad. He enters with the right leg.

Chirivella 7 – It bites the noble ankles of the opponents, but it is not just substance. He also knows how to play football: the through ball for Simon is splendid.

Girotto 7 – He fixes the ball without biting Mbappè’s feints and uproots it starting the action of the goal. He heats Navas’ gloves with a missile. Providential recovery on Messi.

Merlin 7.5 – Growing up in the local Accadèmie, at 19 he feels like he’s daydreaming when he sees the net swell, but it’s all true. Masterpiece network. From 90 ‘Traorè sv

Kolo Muani 7 – He is the player who has suffered the most fouls in the last 30 meters in Ligue 1: a statistic that speaks volumes about his danger. He hits at the earliest opportunity, he could do two more.

Blas 7.5 – Precious in how he manages to float between the lines, he splinters the post with a big left. Not flawless but still effective from the spot: it is the twelfth goal of the season. From 90 ‘Pereira De Sa sv

Simon 7 – Devastating when it starts at speed even if the controls are not always precise. The duet with Kolo Muani was delightful, bringing the advantage net as a dowry. From 90 ‘Coco sv

Antoine Kombouarè 8 – Pochettino displaces with a lightning start: exasperated high aggression throughout the first half. Impossible to keep the same pace until the end, but his team also knows how to manage the result. Once the fright has passed, he recovers and for the second time consumes personal revenge with his past.


Navas 5.5 – The logic of alternating with Donnarumma this time rewards the Costa Rican. Kolo Muani passes it under his legs. He can’t do anything at 2-0. He makes up for it by blocking Simon’s way. He senses Blas’ central rigor without rejecting him.

Kehrer 4 – Nostalgia for Hakimi becomes a common feeling in Parisian fans after a few minutes in which he reveals all his limits. From 75 ‘Hakimi sv

Marquinhos 5 – They come to him from all over, he does what he can to avoid being overwhelmed by the yellow tide. He clings to the experience but it is not enough.

Kimpembe 4.5 – If possible, even more passive and hesitant than his companion in misfortune. There is no news of his advance on the opposing attackers possessed.

Bernat 5 – His first blast of the game, a shot at the near post well rejected by Lafont. It seems the beginning of an arrembante competition, instead it is just a flash in the pan. Bukari has another step. From 75 ‘Nuno Mendes sv

Wijnaldum 4 – The real version remained in Liverpool: this is just a pale stunt double. He becomes aware of his presence when he uses his hands badly causing the penalty of 3-0. From 65 ‘ Draxler 5.5 – Pochettino’s first change, Mbappè needs a golden ball. Stumbling.

Verratti 5 – Play under rhythm, in obvious difficulty on pressure. They don’t make him think, taking his breath away. He gets nervous and gets warned for protests.

Gueye 5 – The only one with characteristics suitable for countering the intensity of the opponents, too bad you don’t take advantage of them. Messi puts it in front of Lafont, he lacks the flicker to reopen it. From 82 ‘Icardi sv

Messi 5 – The bad moment continues after the wrong penalty kick and the 3 in the report card received by the team. Need a chocolate not unwrapped by Gueye, inspire Neymar’s flicker. Stop, because when he has to finalize he still leaves something to be desired.

Neymar 5 – For the first time owner in 2022, certainly not unforgettable. He devours a goal already scored by kicking on Lafont. He reopens it but then shoots an unwatchable penalty.

Mbappè 5 – He loses a bloody ball and gives the narrative of a nightmare evening there. Hit hard by Pallois, he devours at least a couple of colossal goals.

Mauricio Pochettino 5 – He reassembles the trident of dreams and after a quarter of an hour he makes 100 more passes than the opponent, but is two goals down. He has no faults on the many failed occasions by his men but it is not clear why you wait so long to make changes having people like Hakimi and Di Maria next to him on the bench.