Neymar, in Marseille-PSG throwing objects from the stands: the Brazilian beats the corner protected by police shields

From the bleachers they have it pulled everythingso much so that to beat the corner he had to do it protect from police. The protagonist of the story is Neymarwhich in the championship challenge between Olympique de Marseille And Paris Saint-Germain played on 24 October, he was targeted by opposing fans with the launch of bottles, lighters, phone chargers as he was preparing to take a corner kick. A full-scale assault that forced the police forces present at the Vélodrome in Marseille, where the match was held, to intervene with lots of riot shield to protect the Brazilian. The images went around the world.

The episode took place at the 27th minute of a match that from the beginning promised to be incandescent: the match is in fact considered Le Clasique of League 1, that is most important challenge of the French championship, and also for this reason there is no good blood between the respective supporters. Neymar, in charge of taking the corner kick, positioned himself on the flag at the end of the field but suddenly was touched by a rain of objects coming from the stands of the hosts. After a brief consultation between the referee and Lega officials, the decision to project a message on the big screen of the stadium, complete with the announcement of the speaker on the risk of suspension of the match. However, the assault on the attacker did not stop and so the police had to intervene to literally shield him from the fury of the Marseille ultras. In the end the match ended 0-0 with goals disallowed and an expulsion, but now the sports justice he could intervene and take away the point from the Om.

The one starring Neymar wasn’t the only unpleasant episode of the evening. Nor the most serious. During the match, the hosts’ fans also took it out on Lionel Messitarget of chants and insults, while outside the stadium nine officers were injured to try to stop some ultras who wanted to enter the Vélodrome without having a ticket. By decision of the prefecture, the fans of Paris Saint-Germain were not allowed in the structure.

“We know what we risk, they can penalize us. We won’t have to cry at the end of the season if we miss one or two points ”. This is the sentence pronounced at the end of the match by the Marseille winger Dimitri Payet. Which he added: “These are not fans”. The reaction is the result of the precedents made by the supporters of the club, who had already thrown objects against Neymar in a previous match against Paris and which since the beginning of the season have already made two penalties to the club for their violent behavior.

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