The role of Sarkozy and Macron and the one million-a-week offer: PSG tries to rewrite Mbappé’s future | First page

Ce n’est pas fine, they say in France. It’s not over, and also in Spain they are beginning to think that the dossier relating to the future of Kylian Mbappé may still hold surprisesin spite of a contractual situation that would suggest a foregone conclusion: the sensational farewell from a free transfer in June to marry into the club that has always had a special place in his imagination, the real Madrid. And instead the great goal scored against the blancos on Tuesday evening of the Champions League could be a new important passage in a story still full of mysteries: after all the direct never took an official positionhiding behind the desire to end the current season in the best way before making a final decision.

BULKY STARS – It was always the others who spoke for him, from the president Al Khelaifion the day of Leo Messi’s press presentation (“If his desire is to play in a competitive team, now he has no more excuses”), at the ds Leonardo, who last December swore that he still had hopes of keeping his jewel, with which relations do not appear exactly idyllic. An extremely delicate situation for the image of the French club and the multimillion-dollar project of the sheikh of Qatar, who spared no expense in terms of salaries to accelerate the pursuit of the Champions dream, alongside young champions on the launch pad (Donnarumma, Nuno Mendes and Hakimi) with more seasoned champions with overwhelming charisma how Sergio Ramos and Messi, paradoxically the most discussed for their contribution to the cause. Mbappé’s perplexities also relate to this, as he does not understand how a club that should also look to the future has decided to invest such a huge amount of resources for two players who have also redesigned the already precarious balance of the locker room. – the rivalry between the French and South American sides is always strong.

POLITICS AND MONEY – Mbappé wants to be the footballer around which Paris Saint-Germain builds a team that can continue to dominate at home but above all establish itself as an international power. A strong and clear-cut position, in the face of which until now the leaders of the club have turned a deaf ear. However, something could change and Tuesday evening was experienced by many as that of a possible turning point: so much so as to call into question characters who, apparently, with the PSG events and football events in general would not have a direct involvement. If even two presidents of the republic, Nikolas Sarkozy (great fan of the Parisian team) and Emmanuel Macron (supporter of the bitter rivals of Marseille) they are mobilizing themselves to retain the best French footballer in Ligue 1it means that the issue goes beyond the boundaries of sport. Politics, marketing and obviously lots and lots of money: today’s edition of L’Equipe writes about a possible signing award for the renewal of 25 million euros, while the English newspaper The Independent reports of a Qatari property willing to pay a salary of 1 million euros per week (!), about 60 per season, in order to lock Mbappé and reject Florentino Perez’s Real Madrid court, who anticipates a pair of wonders completed by Haaland for 2023. Ce n’est pas fine, apparently.