VI viewers irritated by ‘ugly’ reaction to prostate cancer Louis van Gaal

The VI-men discussed last night in Today Inside Louis van Gaal’s prostate cancer diagnosis. Johan Derksen explained that this is over the head of all men who get older, but whether you should share that with everyone, he wonders. Not all viewers can see the reaction of the VI– appreciate men.

Last Sunday, Van Gaal appeared at the table at Humberto to tell about the movie LOUISwhich is made about him. The football coach then spoke about his prostate cancer diagnosis. The film shows images of the investigations that Van Gaal has recently undergone. The news of his illness came as a shock to many people and his own players were not aware of it either.

Johan Derksen responds to news of prostate cancer from Louis Gaal

The VI-men responded last night in Today Inside on the news about the football coach. Former football player Wim Kieft, René van der Gijp, Wilfred Genee and Johan Derksen bring up the situation of Van Gaal. “It hangs over every aging man’s head,” Derksen responds. He says that he sometimes worried about prostate complaints. He doesn’t have much research done, but he says he has to urinate often. “You don’t have such a radius anymore. I no longer pee a motorcycle cop off his motorcycle,” it says VI-sight. The studio laughs at his comment.

“Whether you’re friend or foe, or you think he’s an asshole. This is very annoying for that man,” says Derksen. The VI-men are themselves known as people who often have the necessary criticism of footballers and coaches, including Van Gaal.

VI men also critical of Louis van Gaal at Today Inside

The film where Van Gaal joined Humberto talked about is a two-hour film that will soon be shown in cinemas. The filmmaker chose to also show the person behind the Van Gaal phenomenon. Derksen thinks something of that. “There are also things in life that you should not give to the public.” To which Genee responds that you cannot avoid this news. “It’s his decision. I don’t know if it’s a public matter,” Derksen replies.

Van der Gijp then hooks up and finds a number of things that Van Gaal mentioned strange. “Then I think: ‘What are you talking about?’” Then Van Gaal is criticized by the VImen about his coaching approach.

Want to watch the entire Today Inside broadcast? You can find last night’s episode here.

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VI viewers irritated by ‘ugly’ reaction to prostate cancer Louis van Gaal