Messi at PSG, the day: from medical visits to announcement

The Argentine landed in Paris around 3.30 pm and immediately moved to the hospital for routine checks. In the evening the arrival at the Parco dei Principi for the first images with the new shirt

It is made for Leo Messi at PSG. The understanding between the player and the club has been reached and his first day in Paris is about to end. After disembarking, the medical examinations have been completed: now only the signature and the announcement are missing.

There is the announcement

It’s official: Leo Messi is a new player for Paris Saint-Germain, his second team after playing for over 20 years in Barcelona. La Pulce, one of the strongest players ever, joins Neymar and Mbappé to form a trident that on paper is the favorite for every trophy. The first day in Paris was long and full of commitments, which began with the arrival at Le Bourget airport at 3.30 pm and ended with the announcement by the club of Sheikh Al Khelaifi. Messi has signed a two-year contract for 35 million euros net. “A new diamond in Paris” the message chosen by the company.

Towards the announcement

We are now, and the first photos and videos of Messi at the Parco dei Principi start to circulate on the web with the new shirt on and the ball at his feet. He will wear the 30, as he has done in the past.

Which number?

From tomorrow morning the PSG shirt with the name and number of Leo Messi will be on sale. And just what figures he will carry on his shoulders there is a lot of curiosity, since the 10 will remain in Neymar. Will it be 30?

The former partner

Ronaldinho, Messi’s partner at Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain player from 2001 to 2003 also made his voice heard on the most important transfer of the summer. “It is a great joy to have played in these two clubs and now to see my friend wearing this shirt, I wish you many moments of joy Leo!” he wrote on social media. “The team is super, I can smell the Champions League …”

What a welcome

A day of waving greetings, thumbs up and smiles for Messi, in front of a delirious Paris that followed him and reached everywhere. It could not be otherwise for a champion of his caliber. After the airport and the Parco dei Principi, where he made a brief stop, the Argentine, once back at the hotel, looked out from the balcony to take the ovation of those present. While waiting to find a home, he and his family will stay at Le Royal Monceau, where Sergio Ramos and Gigio Donnarumma are also hosted.

Put in the stadium

Lionel Messi has arrived at the Parco dei Principi. According to what Le Parisien writes, escorted by the police, the three black vehicles with which the player moves have entered the parking lot of the stadium. Then he made a brief greeting to the fans present.

Visits ok

Leo Messi has successfully passed the medical examinations which began in the early afternoon at the American Hospital in Paris. Equipe makes it known. Now the appointment is at the hotel, where he will be able to define the final bureaucratic details and sign the contract that will bind him to Paris Saint-Germain. At that point we will move on to the official announcement. Tomorrow morning at 11 the presentation at the Parco dei Principi.

New assault

After the airport and the Parco dei Principi, many French supporters and the Argentine striker gathered outside the entrance to Le Royal Monceau (pictured below), the hotel where Messi will stay for the moment in the hope of meeting him when he returns. The palace is located in the city center, near the Eiffel Tower.

In the locker room

New PSG tweet with a shot inside the French locker room: between Neymar’s and Mbappé’s shirts there is an empty space, occupied for the moment by an Argentine flag. It is the place reserved for Leo Messi, who will complete this dream trident. Meanwhile, fans are wondering what number he will play with.

The House

The medical examinations of the Argentine champion are still in progress when it is just after 6 pm. This is the last obstacle before being able to sign with Paris Saint-Germain. Meanwhile from Spain Brand announced that initially Messi will settle in Le Royal Monceau, a hotel located in the center of Paris a few steps from the Eiffel Tower, near the Champs-Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe. After all, as many fans have been writing on social media in the last few hours, the Flea will become “another monument” of the city.

The party

Not only at the airport: the fans of Paris Saint-Germain also celebrate outside the Parco dei Principi, the stadium where tomorrow (at 11) Messi will be presented as a new player of the French club. It will become the theater of his games after more than 20 years spent at the Camp Nou in Barcelona. But the player will be free to sign the contract only after the medical visits, scheduled at the American hospital in Neuilly where he moved around 16.30.


The PSG continues to ride the great expectation for the official status of Leo Messi with a new video posted on social networks. You can see the six Golden Balls won by the former Barcelona footballer on the sides of the Eiffel Tower, as if to open a path towards the tower.

Visits and presentation

Leo Messi is on his way to the American hospital in Neuilly, in the west of Paris, where he will carry out medical examinations. The PSG has instead convened a press conference at the Parco dei Principi for tomorrow morning, Wednesday 11 August at 11. There seems to be no doubt that it is the presentation of the Argentine.

The greeting

A nice smile and a white T-shirt with the words “Ici c’est Paris” to celebrate the arrival in the French capital. So the Pulce gave the first greeting to its new fans from the Le Bourget airport where it landed in the early afternoon. Soon after he left the complex ready to go to the club for the medical examinations necessary for the signature.


The Argentine’s plane landed at the Parisian airport of Le Bourget – manned for hours by fans – around 3.30 pm. Medical examinations and the signing of a two-year contract plus the option for a third are expected soon after. Then, already tomorrow, probably a big press conference at the Parco dei Principi. There is also plenty of clues in a tweet from the club which, a few moments ago published a video in which you can see – among other things – an oncoming plane and a bombilla, the container with which you sip mate, a typical Argentine infusion.

The flight

Around 13.30 Messi, accompanied by his family, had reached Barcelona’s El Prat airport, where he embarked for Paris. Immediately after take-off and, shortly, he should reach the French capital. From the cabin of the private flight, the social photo of Messi’s wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, who published an image of the two with the caption: “Towards a new adventure, all 5 together”, referring to the couple and their three children.

away from camp nou

And while Lionel Messi left Barcelona, ​​the Catalan club removed the part where the now former number 10 and former captain was depicted from the giant posters attached along the walls of the Camp Nou. Messi, who was positioned in the middle between Piqué and Griezmann, was “canceled”.

messi senior confirms

A laconic “yes” was enough to remove the last doubts. To pronounce it, in response to one of the many reporters waiting at the El Prat airport in Barcelona who asked him if his son would actually sign with PSG, was Jorge Messi, the father of the Argentine champion.

Neymar: “Together again”

“Together again”. In a story on Instagram, Neymar, PSG star, announces Messi’s imminent passage among the Parisians. The Brazilian forward has also posted some pictures of when the two were together at the time of Barcelona.