PSG-Brest 2-0, the report cards: Verratti lights up the Parco dei Principi. Agoumé in confusion

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Final result: PSG-Brest 2-0


Donnarumma 7 – A safety between the posts, also good with the feet in the construction phase of the maneuver. After just ten minutes from kick-off, he performed a real miracle on Cardona’s close to nothing short of conclusion.

Kehrer 6.5 – Suffers initially from the advances of Honorat. He redeems himself in the second half by signing the goal that definitively crushes Der Zakarian’s team.

Marquinhos 6.5 – Apart from some initial concerns about Cardona, as always he plays very calmly, leading Pochettino’s back line.

Kimpembe 6 – Certainly less lucid than Marquinhos tonight. In the long run, however, he gets away with the great work done by the Parisian median.

Mendes 7 – On the left side is a crazed splinter: every time it breaks through on that side it sends poor Pierre-Gabriel into confusion. His assist for Kehrer’s goal, which closes the score.

Herrera 6.5 – It gives dynamism to Pochettino’s midfield. He often breaks forward, supporting the offensive department. From 80 ‘Paredes sv

Verratti 7.5 – The best of yours. In the middle he dominates and does what he wants: the first wrong pass arrives at minute 67. Not happy, always in the second half, he exchanges with Di Maria and hits the post straight, which thus denies him personal joy. From 90 ‘Michut sv

Wijnaldum 6.5 – Engineer of the midfield, he gives the change of pace to the Parisian maneuver. At half-time, however, he remains in the locker room due to an ankle problem remedied after a conflict with Agoumé. From 45 ‘ Pereira 6 – Lively. He too, like Herrera, slings forward by participating in the offensive maneuver.

Mary’s 7 – Apart from a couple of errors in the finishing phase, he is the usual free inspirer of Paris. Every time he touches the ball, the Parisians create a scoring action. From 72 ‘Ramos sv

Icardi 6.5 – He moves a lot even if in late condition. Generous match of him. In the first half, on two occasions, he is not rewarded by Di Maria, who fails to serve him when he is close to Bizot. From 80 ‘Simons sv

Mbappé 7 – Without Messi and Neymar he is the real point of reference in attack for his teammates. When he starts percussion he is literally irrepressible. His is the goal that breaks the balance of the match.

Mauricio Pochettino 7 – He gives confidence to Icardi, who repays him with a generous performance. In general, Paris played a pleasant and harmonious football tonight, never settling for the advantage obtained.


Bizot 7 – He has no responsibility for the goals suffered. In the second half he performs two miracles, first on Icardi and then on Mbappé.

Pierre-Gabriel 5 – In confusion for the duration of the match. He never manages to measure Nuno Mendes, who is having fun in his lane.

Chardonnet 5.5 – He tries to lead his own, but Mbappé sends him over the top, making him understand very little.

Hérelle 5.5 – The same goes for Chardonnet. He can’t keep up with Di Maria and Mbappé’s speed. From 80 ‘Brassier sv

Duverne 6 – Best of the backline. In the first half he often accompanies the action by offering different solutions to his teammates.

Faivre 5.5 – He certainly has great qualities, but on the right he never worries Nuno Mendes. From 90 ‘Badji sv

Agoumé 5 – The worst of yours. He is not reactive in the median and always arrives late on the ball, thus committing unnecessary fouls. From 59 ‘ Mbock 5.5 – Still unripe for some games. He makes more or less the same figure as Agoumé.

Magnetti 5.5 – Play tough and aggressive, sometimes overdo it. He doesn’t shield the back line behind him in the best possible way. From 59 ‘ Lasne 5.5 – He too at the mercy of Pochettino’s fantasists.

Honorat 6 – Purposeful for a good part of the first fraction, but is lost as the minutes pass.

Le Douaron 6.5 – Various for the whole offensive front and at least try to offer as few points of reference as possible for Pochettino’s defense.

Cardona 6 – After just ten minutes from the kick-off, he has the opportunity to give his team the advantage, but he wastes everything in front of Donnarumma. Certainly one of the liveliest in the first 45 minutes. From 59 ‘ Mounie 5.5 – Does not receive playable balls. It does not change the fate of the match.

Michel Der Zakarian 5.5 – His Brest tries to press forward in the first quarter of an hour of the match, putting Pochettino’s men in serious difficulty. However, the approach to the second fraction was wrong: the responsibilities undoubtedly also lie with him.