PSG, childhood idols and Milan: Adli, life at twenty

One day someone will explain in concrete terms, and not with the usual and superficial comparisons, why those born in France with Algerian roots, able to touch and carry the ball, must necessarily be related to Zinedine Zidane. Probably because of the impact generated by the coming into the world of Zizou, certainly because a new Zizou is always handy. Yacine was only by definition, once he clashed with the outside world: because for the rest, Adli, future player of the Milan, he is a very different player from the former Real Madrid.

Life at 20 (21, to be precise) is an abstract parenthesis aimed at retaining a piece of existence that seems to coincide with one’s own affirmation (it is not) and at the same time a link between an age that is too fragile to understand the mechanisms of life and one in which regrets can present themselves in an exaggerated way compared to expectations. In football, on the other hand, Yacine Adli is in the anteroom of the “prime moment”, a metaphorical place in which to gather premises and promises and look for a synthesis to present when the ball no longer grants you the grace of youth.

He was born as an attacking midfielder, dropped to midfield like the many who can boast his technique: he is certainly not the type of player to expect acrobatic plays from, and this has often limited him to the eyes of the many who would like to supplant the profit with the exasperation of the funny. A midfielder must first of all be effective: the unwritten rule of a sport that over the years has seen too many smoky midfielders looking for themselves.

Adli knows well the type of player he embodies: raised in the myth of Juninho Pernambucano, with the passage of time he has replaced complex plays with simple ones, standing out for the incisiveness within his team. They also compared it to Adrien Rabiot, but beyond the thick hair characterized by strong curls, the 2000 class is first of all a player in itself, far from the figures that have been approached, fortunately.

A little over a year ago, the official channels of the Bordeaux they followed him for a whole day, between training and relaxation at home: he transmits serenity, even with the gaze of those who have a clear idea of ​​his life plan. Breakfast, piano and off, a ride downtown with his father, visibly proud of what he has become.

Yacine Adli Bordeaux 2020


On the pitch he is a leader, indeed, the leader of Bordeaux: he grew up in the youth teams of PSG, a few years ago he admitted the emotion of having trained with players like Marco Verratti: “Yes, I have trained a little with them in the past. They are the best players in the world.” . If you are born at Paris Saint-Germain, you make your debut in Ligue 1 and you renew the contract, you touch the sky with a finger just thinking about it.

Of the experience in Paris, his city, brings with it the context and the high altitude flavor generated by the Bigs that surround you: he, who Big wants to become one and is well on his way to succeeding.

“During the week, from 08.30 to 16.00 I’m never home, then I go to school by train and it takes me 2 hours. On weekends I play games. I’m used to living alone and, even if my parents live in Paris, sometimes, I can only see them on weekends, especially when there are international tournaments ” : with a mess like this, the usual one for the many young people who approach the ball, you have to find space for something else.

The dreams in the drawer, those that recall Juninho and Zidane, his idols, he jealously keeps them: at 21 he has all the lightheartedness and the technical skills to engrave in Italy. He will need patience and lucid waiting relating to his abilities: fluidity will have to be replaced by effectiveness as a research parameter of what he can give.

Freshness and new ideas: charisma, on the pitch, and a bit of recklessness. Milan saw in him the perfect player to sew the middle and back, between a dribbling and a verticalization, dreaming of unpredictable trajectories like Juninho’s, between the field and the future.