Spanish media: ‘Goal Danjuma worth gold for Villarreal’ | Foreign football

Karim Benzema dominates the Spanish front pages today after his hat-trick for Real Madrid against Chelsea. But there is also praise for Arnaut Danjuma, who helped stunt team Villarreal to a 1-0 win over Bayern Munich.

According to the Spanish newspapers, the German record champion got away mercifully. ,,A great Villarreal lets Bayern escape alive”, says marca frankly. ,,The team wasted big chances to travel to Munich with a much bigger advantage.”

However, it remained with that one goal from Danjuma, who struck out of a box in the eighth minute. ,,It was the first ball that Danjuma touched,’ he said marca† “He pretended to be out of position when in reality he just went unnoticed by the German central defenders.”

His sixth Champions League goal of the season was a crucial one. His goal was worth gold ASH† ,,His actions, which came intermittently, were always dangerous. It’s an asset that shows why Villarreal is one of the eight best clubs in the Champions League.”

Arnaut Danjuma celebrates his winning goal. © REUTERS

,,It was a great goal from Danjuma,’ said marca† ,,The perfect combination that disarmed Bayern. “The miracle of Villarreal is causing madness in the La Cerámica stadium. Emery’s team took the lead against Bayern in the 8th minute after a luxurious combination that Arnaut Danjuma eventually completed.”

“Villarreal showed tonight that their ceiling in this Champions League is not the quarter-finals,” he said Mundo Deportivo† “At least the team is able to fight to reach the semi-finals for the second time in its history after the victory over Bayern Munich, which did not lose 22 away games in a row in Europe. Danjuma scored after a great collective action.”

Mundo Deportivo saw that Bayern hardly came into play after the 1-0, while Villarreal in the counter-attack “promoted danger thanks to the mobility of Gerard Moreno and Danjuma.”

In Germany too, the media agree that Villarreal booked a well-deserved victory. ,,Villarreal the easiest opponent of the last eight? Not for Bayern!”, writes picture† “The yellow submarines were much more dangerous than the unimaginative Münchener.”

“Danjuma makes Villarreal cheer”, headlines kicker† “Bayern deservedly lost 1-0 to Villarreal in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League. In the end, the hardworking but too harmless team from Munich was even lucky that the Spaniards missed even more great opportunities.”

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