‘Hope everyone uses their mind’

Friday, April 8, 2022 at 4:56 pm• Jordi Tomasowa • Last update: 16:55

Danny Buijs jumped in for Bjorn Meijer. The FC Groningen trainer, who will make way for Heracles trainer Frank Wormuth after this season, speaks shame about the way his pupil is approached by some fans of the Groningers. The left-back would like to make the move to Club Brugge, which shows a strong interest in him, which is not appreciated by some supporters of the Pride of the North

Last week, various media reported that Club Brugge has twice reported to Groningen with millions of bids for the youth product. Technical director Mark-Jan Fledderus of FC Groningen rejected both offers and reportedly wants to see six million euros for Meijer. Meijer himself would have set his sights on a transfer to the Belgian top club and not interested in the interest of other clubs. The defender still has a contract with Groningen until mid-2023, with a two-sided option to extend the contract for another year. The club was in talks with the native Groninger to upgrade and extend his contract, but those talks have been stopped due to the concrete interest of Club Brugge.

This is not appreciated by some fans, who bombard him online with the necessary curses and threats. Buijs stands up for his pupil and calls on Meijer to show understanding. “I hope everyone uses their mind and understands their wish,” the 39-year-old coach told Football International† “I understand that supporters hope that a self-educated boy stays a little longer, but this is something bizarre that you do not often experience. I have great difficulty with the messages Bjorn receives on social media. I do not wish him that.”

Buijs understands the defender’s interest in Club Brugge and grants him the step higher: “I understand the emotion that arises, but we have to remain realistic. This is such a hugely beautiful step for him, you can’t blame anyone for wanting it. This is his future and he can go to a very high level club, who play European every year and have presented a very good plan to him. And then you can easily say: let him wait one or two years. But this boy has had some bad luck with injuries, who guarantees him that he will still have this chance in one or two years?”

Meijer went through the youth academy of Groningen and made his debut in the main force last season in the last competition match against PEC Zwolle. Meijer initially started this football season as a bench seat, but since the turn of the year he has been a fixed value in Buijs’s team. Meijer now has 21 official matches in the first team of Groningen to his name.