K9 in the shape of his life: Karim Benzema shoots records from the books | Champions League

videoKarim Benzema will blossom in the fall of his career at Real Madrid. The Frenchman has proven his worth for the Spanish leader this season. The striker has already scored 37 goals in 36 games and his hat-trick against Chelsea yesterday smashed the necessary records again.

Joris Geene

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07-04-22, 13:28

The striker has scored the last seven times that Benzema has kicked off. The last four times even more than one goal. These are statistics that the best players in the world can suck at. There is no doubt that K9 (a nickname with references to his first name Karim and his jersey number 9) now also belongs in that list. Rio Ferdinand even called him “the best number nine of the moment” and fellow analyst Gary Lineker thought it was high time to “start engraving Benzema’s name in the Golden Ball”.

Everywhere the striker of the French national team is showered with praise. There is one accolade: the now retired goalkeeper Iker Casillas called Benzema “Spiderman, Wolverine, a bouncer, your best friend, your grandmother, the president of America, your skydiving monitor, your guardian angel, God.”

Impressive statistics
Benzema is undeniably busy with an impressive season. He has scored the last six goals for the Royals in the Champions League. No one has ever scored five or more goals in a row for Real in the Champions League. Benzema has already kicked eleven against the ropes this Champions League season. No Frenchman can repeat that after him; the old record was held by Just Fontaine, who scored ten goals in the 1958-1959 season on behalf of the French Reims.

Benzema has scored six of those eleven goals in the championship ball in the last two games. He divided them neatly: a hat-trick against Paris Saint-Germain a month ago and also three against Chelsea yesterday. With his double hat-trick he ends up in a select group of players: only Luiz Adriano, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo preceded him.

However, none of these players made any of his hat-tricks against Chelsea. In fact, Benzema is the first to manage to pass a Chelsea goalkeeper three times in the Champions League. It was Benzema’s fourth hat-trick for Real in Europe.

Only three players did better in the service of the record winner: Alfredo di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas scored five hat-tricks and Cristiano Ronaldo even pulled it off seven times.

In the battle to become the all-time top scorer in the Champions League, Benzema also loses to Ronaldo. The Portuguese is on 140 goals. Benzema (82) will no longer reach that number, but Lewandowski (85) has to fear for his podium place. The Pole is now third, well behind Lionel Messi (125).

‘Benzema was almost refused entry to the stadium’
It would have been close if Benzema hadn’t been able to shine yesterday. A few hours before kick-off, the Frenchman was initially refused entry to Stamford Bridge. A security guard stopped him at the entrance, because he did not have the necessary accreditation.

,,When Karim got off the bus without a pass, I told him he wouldn’t be able to play,” said coach Carlo Ancelotti with a laugh after the game. ,,I said: I’ll let the masseur warm up to replace you. Fortunately, he quickly found the pass.”

Karim Benzema can take the ball home after his hat-trick.
Karim Benzema can take the ball home after his hat-trick. © ANP / EPA