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Just a few more hours and the first free practice in Melbourne starts! The last day before the Formula 1 spectacle starts, a few things came out. For example, Adrian Newey indicated that removing one kilogram costs the Red Bull Racing team about 250,000 euros. In addition, the race management has emphasized that wearing jewelry during a race session is prohibited. Lewis Hamilton must therefore be careful, the Briton can be seen regularly with some jewelry on the body. Read this and more in the new GPFans Recap.

De la Rosa: “If Mercedes comes back, Hamilton will be the Verstappen of 2021”

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fought each other with heavy artillery last year during the blood-curdling Formula 1 season of 2021. Verstappen often took some risk to take his rival, but Pedro de la Rosa thinks it will be the other way around this season . If Mercedes returns to level, Hamilton will be ‘last year’s Verstappen’ according to the former driver. Read whole article? click here

‘Red Bull with lighter RB18 and new rear wing in Melbourne’

Red Bull Racing is going full on attack during the race weekend in Australia, it seems. The Austrian racing stable is reportedly coming to the Albert Park circuit with a much improved RB18. Not only would the car have lost more than 7 kilograms of weight, but a new rear wing has also been designed. Read whole article? click here

F1 teams got help from DHL to get cargo to Australia on time

The race weekend schedule in Australia was nearly compromised for some of the participating Formula 1 teams. A freighter, carrying equipment for the teams, was seriously delayed and did not appear to arrive in Melbourne on time. Fortunately, DHL, logistics partner of Formula 1, came to the rescue. Read whole article? click here

Newey struggles with RB18 weight: ‘Every kilo costs Red Bull 250,000 euros’

Red Bull designer Adrian Newey is currently facing a major challenge. The RB18 manufactured by him suffers from the necessary overweight, but solving this problem brings with it two other issues. For example, the budget ceiling can become a headache. Read whole article? click here

Race management in Melbourne emphasizes: “Jewelry or piercings prohibited”

Niels Wittich, FIA race director in Melbourne, has emphasized that wearing jewelery during a race session is prohibited. In his briefing in Jeddah he had already included this potential ‘safety problem’, but now he has specifically emphasized this towards the drivers. Read whole article? click here

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