Live: Heracles Almelo – Feyenoord (April 10, 2022)

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It’s over in Almelo. Heracles had a pick start, but Feyenoord then put things in order before half-time. Walemark then determined the final score at 1-4.


Sonnenberg almost makes a mistake there against Linssen, but he recovers himself.


At least three minutes will be added.


Port and Szöke come for Fadiga and Ouahim (Heracles).


Malacia easily gets past his opponent, but then shoots sky high.


Ouahim cleverly struggles past Senesi, but then fails to get past Trauner.


Faith seems completely gone with Heracles. The match rolls on so slowly towards the end.


Walemark with a good hood move, but his shot flies over a Heracles leg.


Walemark goes to the ground eagerly, but earns a free kick on the edge of the penalty area.


Feyenoord has a lot of ball possession, but the need now seems to have disappeared.


On the other hand, Kökcü makes way for Hendrix.


Laursen has to be sidelined injured. Sierra is his replacement.


Marciano with a good save after this Heracles shot is deflected.


Toornstra hits the ball just well after a corner, so that the ball ends up behind Walemark’s body. He then shoots the ball free standing.


Walemark scores with his first ball contact! A great heel!


Sinisterra and Dessers make way for Linssen and Walemark (Feyenoord).


Basacikoglu makes a good effort, but his volley is tagged over.


Not much is happening. Heracles has the ball, but struggles to get the ball well into Marciano’s penalty area. A corner for the Heracmen now.


Hansson makes way for Basacikoglu. Both are former Feyenoord players.


Sinisterra starts this tackle very early, but because he slips far, he still manages to get Fadiga the ball.


The ball is almost headed in here by Heracles, but Malacia and Marciano prevent Bakis’s ball from making it 2-3.


Nelson goes to the side for Jahanbakhsh (Feyenoord).


Heracles is now slowly looking for the attack, while Feyenoord leans back slightly.


Bakis with a nice opportunity, but he simply slides the ball into Marciano’s hands.


Ouahim gets far with his dribbling action, but a shot is eventually missed.


This cross ball to Dessers is a bit too hard. The Feyenoord striker has had few chances in this match.


Malacia gets a lot of space, but hits the ball hard on the body of a Heracles defender.


Fadiga has the necessary difficulty to get rid of this Feyenoord cross, but Heracles can then counter. However, that counter does not last long.


The second half has kicked off. Can Heracles still come back, or will Feyenoord hold onto the lead?

Toornstra is the replacement for the injured Til.

With that, the first half is over. Heracles started well, but Feyenoord is now on a comfortable lead. We’ll be right back with you for the second half.


He had already indicated that he could not continue, and will not return in the second half.


Malacia’s cross shoots through, after which the detached Til shoots the ball hard.


With his last action of this game, Guus Til puts his team on a 1-3 lead!


For example, Slot’s team turns the deficit into a lead before the break.


Heracles does not clear the ball well, after which Nelson rushes in from about seven meters in the 1-2.


A scrimmage for the Heracles goal ends with a goal for Reiss Nelson.


Malacia tries to surprise Bucker in the short corner, but his effort hits the post.


Hansson tries to pass the ball to Ouahim with effect, but his pass is much too sharp.


Bakis is well sent out of here, but Pedersen is too quick for him.


Senesi and Bakis lie on the ground after the defender punches the striker in the face.


Ouahim strikes from a distance, but his attempt is not too difficult for Marciano.


This ball is thrown well into Marciano’s penalty area, but Hansson seems to hit his own standing leg. Moments later, the home team gets another opportunity, but Laursen forgets to shoot himself.


This cross from Quagliata is quite easy for Marciano. The keeper then quickly resumes the game, allowing Feyenoord to escape.


Ouahim, who has just complained to the referee, is now booked. He commits a hard foul on Til.


After a good combination on the right wing, Kökcü shoots the ball into Bucker’s fists from an almost impossible angle. However, the Heracles goalkeeper only half reacts to the hard shot, as a result of which he punches the ball into his own goal.


Out of nowhere the 1-1 falls! Kökcü takes care of the equalizer for Rotterdam.


The last few minutes are a bit quieter. Both teams play around in possession of the ball.


Fadiga cannot hold back Bucker’s kick because of the sun.


Heracles covers far, but Feyenoord is not yet able to take advantage of that.


Sinisterra with a good running action, but his cross lacks power.


Kökcü is close to an equalizer here, but his attempt is reversed by Sonnenberg. A corner for Feyenoord.


Feyenoord is not well covered here, so that Laursen can get a shot. His attempt is then blocked.


Feyenoord now seems to have taken the reins, although a lot is still going wrong with the Rotterdam team.


Again Bucker has to come into action, this time on a good long shot from Kökcü.


Aursnes wants to put Dessers away, but his ball is far too hard. Bucker can easily pick up the leather.


This good attack by Feyenoord ends in the side net with this pass from Pedersen.


Fadiga just cannot keep this ball in the duel with Senesi. Goal kick for Feyenoord.


After Heracles loses the ball, Feyenoord can break out, but again it is Til who makes a mistake.


Til doesn’t hit the ball well, allowing Heracles to counter.


Hoogma with a nice chance, but his header can easily be picked by Marciano.


Feyenoord quickly takes a big blow.


Heracles starts the game very enthusiastically, and now gets the second corner of the game.


Ouahim starts the attack well, and cannot be tackled by Trauner on the back line. The midfielder then puts the ball back, after which Bakis cleverly shoots the ball in with the heel.


Heracles takes the lead in the first minute! A dream start for Heracles!


A few minutes later than planned, Dessers starts Heracles-Feyenoord.

There will first be a minute of applause for the deceased Hennie Brummer. He was a steward coordinator at Heracles, among other things.

The last time Heracles managed to beat Feyenoord was in 2014. Bryan Linssen, who is now on the bench with the Rotterdam team, was one of the goalscorers.

Jeroen Manschot is in charge of this match.

Both teams have the same line-ups as last week. That means that Cyriel Dessers is once again in the center of the attack at Feyenoord.

The lineups of both teams:

Due to FC Twente’s victory over NEC, Feyenoord needs a draw or victory today to keep the Tukkers away.

In addition, the team from Rotterdam had a match in the Europa Conference League, in which a somewhat disappointing draw against Slavia Prague (3-3).

Feyenoord beat Willem II last week.

Heracles finally won her first away game of the season against Fortuna Sittard last week. This makes the Heracmen almost safe.

Welcome to the last game of this Sunday afternoon, in which Heracles will face Feyenoord.

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Heracles Almelo – Feyenoord from the 2021-2022 season of the Eredivisie. This season started on August 13, 2021 and will end on May 29, 2022.