Montpellier Lille 0-1, goals and highlights from Ligue 1

Xeka broke the balance of the match in the last quarter of the match (to be precise in the 77th minute) by signing the winning goal for Lille which thus resolved the match against Montpellier. A race that during the 90 minutes has experienced ups and downs, between phases of tiredness and others where the actions have made screaming for the goal. With the passage of time, on the one hand it seemed that the draw at the end was good for both of us, on the other hand there was the awareness of being able to make full loot with a single episode.

During the match, Léo Jardim for Lille who, in addition to the chances that generated the 0 goals conceded, was repeatedly engaged by the opponent’s attack during the match. In fact, on a numerical level there were 5 saves by the goalkeeper during today’s match.

In the defeat of Montpellier, however, 6 saves by Jonas Omlin during the whole match have to be recorded. Race at times tough with some too rough intervention. The referee often ‘took notes’. Numbers in hand, the total of yellow cards was 7 waved: 4 of which for Lille and 3 for Montpellier.

Despite the defeat, Montpellier were in control of the match: they had more ball possession (56%), and had more corners (6-4). While Lille prevailed in terms of total number of shots (16-16).

The hosts have successfully completed more passes than the opponent (360-268): Jordan Ferri (57), Sakho (54) and Nicolas Cozza (46) stood out. For the guests, André was the most accurate player with 42 successful passes.

Jonathan David, despite not scoring, was the player who tried hardest for Lille: 3 times, 1 of which in goal. For Montpellier it was Téji Savanier who tried to resolve the offensive actions personally and tried the conclusion 6 times, including 2 in the face of goal.
In Lille, midfielder Benjamin André was the best of his team in tackling won (11 out of 18 total) and contributed to his team’s dominance in the overall figure (100%). For the same statistic, in the ranks of Montpellier, defender Mamadou Sakho stood out with 7 tackles won.

The success of Lille today has the obvious consequence of putting three points on the farm, raising Gourvennec’s team to 35 points in the standings. The setback of Montpellier instead leaves T. Savanier and his companions to 34 points

At the level of individual statistics, on the other hand, Xeka, who finished in the match scorers ‘table, climbs in the scorers’ ranking to 2 goals.

Montpellier: J. Omlin, M. Ristic, M. Sakho, N. Cozza, A. Souquet, J. Ferri, F. Mollet, T. Savanier (Cap.), J. Sambia, J. Chotard, S. Wahi. All: Olivier Dall’Oglio
Available: A. Oyongo, B. Makouana, S. Delaye, V. Germain, N. Gioacchini, D. Bertaud, G. Barès, M. Soares Thuler, L. Leroy.
Change: Germain <-> Mollet (68 ‘), Gioacchini <-> Sambia (81′), Makouana <-> Wahi (81 ‘), Oyongo <-> Ristic (86′)

Lilac: L. Jardim, M. Zeki Çelik, T. Embaló Djaló, S. Botman, J. da Rocha Fonte (Cap.), M. da Silva Rocha, G. Gudmundsson, B. André, J. Bamba, J. David, A. Abreu de Almeida Gomes. All: Jocelyn Gourvennec
Available: H. Ben Arfa, E. Zhegrova, D. Bradaric, I. Grbic, A. Mvom Onana, U. Raghouber, T. Weah, B. Yilmaz, J. Pied.
Changes: Yilmaz <-> Gudmundsson (64 ‘), Weah <-> Abreu de Almeida Gomes (79′), Mvom Onana <-> David (90 ‘)

Goals: 77 ‘Xeka.
Bookings: J. Ferri, T. Savanier, V. Germain, B. André, A. Abreu de Almeida Gomes, M. Zeki Çelik, M. da Silva Rocha

Stadium: Stade de la Mosson
Referee: Stéphanie Frappart

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