Ajax U16 and O18 win convincingly, O17 draws in practice match

Ajax U16 and U18 closed the Saturday with resounding victories. The Under-16s visited Sparta Rotterdam and won 0-5. The Under-18 played an away game against the peers of ADO Den Haag, they also won with a five-goal difference from the opponent with a 1-6 final score. Ajax U17 played an exhibition game against AZ Alkmaar that ended in a 2-2 tie.

FT | Sparta Rotterdam U16 – Ajax U16 (0-5)

Ajax U16 starts the match strongly against Sparta Rotterdam and quickly manages to enforce two good opportunities. Don-Angelo Konadu falls just short and Kayden Wolff fails to finish when he comes face to face with the goalkeeper. After the two good chances, Sparta comes into the game more. In the sixth minute, the Spartans also get a great chance. After a mistake by Precious Ugwu in the build-up, the ball goes just wide. Four minutes later, Sparta can almost break open the game again. After a quick counterattack due to Avery Appiah losing the ball, Freek Entius grabbed the ball excellently. Wolff comes close to 0-1 for Ajax in the eighteenth minute. After a brilliant tour de force by the wing attacker, he creates a shooting opportunity for himself, but the goalkeeper unfortunately stops the ball.

Then Sparta seems to take the lead in the 24th minute. But the winger who tapped in the rebound turns out to be offside. The goal falls on the other side. Wolff and Don O’niel combine well and eventually Tijn Peters shoots in Wolff’s rebound. Sparta actually has the chance to equalize immediately afterwards, but Entius keeps his goal clean. Ajax’s game is quite attractive at times, but in general the execution is too unkempt and Ajax loses the ball too easily. Sparta already had several good opportunities, but Ajax has the lead. Rest score: 0-1.

The U16 starts the second half with a substitution. Giandro Sambo replaces Haniel Pereira da Gama. Sambo immediately turns out to be a golden change. In the 48th minute he shoots the ball in after a good ball from Peters. After the 0-2 there is a better phase of Sparta, with also a good chance. Once again Entius keeps the goal clean. The big man of the match is Peters. In the 63rd minute he makes the 0-3 and his second of the game. After a good dribble that already starts in his own half, he manages to chip the keeper from a difficult angle.

After the third goal, the O16 really starts to run. Three minutes later Peters again gives a good ball, Wolff hits the ball hard on the crossbar. Wolff comes close to a goal again in the 72nd minute, but the ball does not seem to want to go in today. The shot goes just wide. Substitute Sambo managed to find just that and even does it a second time. A corner from Wolff is returned to Sambo via Luc van der Graaf. He then shoots him in hard, 0-4. In the extra time, Wolff manages to take his goal. The wing attacker coolly rounds the goalkeeper and completes the five-clapper. That is also the final score of the match. Sparta – Ajax: 0-5.

Line-up Ajax U16:

Entius; Van de Pavert, Van der Graaf, Ugwu, El Aissati (De Ruijter 67′); Appiah, O’niel (Van der Lans 59′), Peters (Gozardanabakhsh 67′); Pereira da Gama (Sambo 46′), Konadu, Wolff.

Substitutions Ajax U16:

Van der Velde, De Ruijter, Van der Lans, Gozardanabakhsh, Sambo.


0-1 Tijn Peters (26′)
0-2 Giandro Sambo (48′)
0-3 Tijn Peters (63′)
0-4 Giandro Sambo (77′)
0-5 Kayden Wolff (80+2′)

FT | ADO The Hague U18 – Ajax U18 (1-6)

Ajax U18 started the match strong. Three good chances arose within ten minutes. Gabriel Misehouy, Jay Enem and Jeppe Kjaer all come close to the opening goal. Only in the 19th minute does ADO get a chance for the first time. The home team seems to be going to score the ball, but the striker just doesn’t reach the ball. Two minutes later it hits the other side. Jaydon Banel finds the net after a good ball from Nassef Chourak. In the 26th minute, the O18 doubles the lead. Enem cleverly puts the ball into the goal with an arc ball from an almost impossible angle.

The 3-0 follows almost very quickly. Banel can make his second of the day, but shoots the ball a meter wide. It will eventually be 3-0. In the 36th minute, Chourak rounds off a cross nicely. Ajax U18 has actually already decided the match before halftime. It gets even worse for ADO before halftime. In the 40th minute the ball lands on the head of Enem from a neat free kick and he heads in his second of the afternoon. Rest position: 0-4

After tea, Ajax continues what they were doing: scoring. In the 49th minute, the 0-5 falls to the team from Amsterdam. Jensen and Misehouy break through ADO’s defense and approach the keeper together. Without being selfish, Jensen hands the ball to Misehouy who can easily tap the 5-0 into an empty goal. After the 5-0 Ajax takes some gas back and there are no great chances, twenty minutes after his goal Misehouy dribbles through the defense of ADO but fails to make his second. Then Ajax’s opponent does something in return: via a free kick on the side, ADO Den Haag heads in the 1-5.

In the 79th minute Chourak also tries to make his second, his shot looks dangerous but crosses wide. Just before the final signal, Ajax adds another goal to the final score. Due to an unfortunate moment by the captain of the opponent, the ball ends up in the Hagenezen’s own goal. Three minutes later the referee blows his whistle, Ajax U18 returns home with a convincing 6-1 victory.

Line-up Ajax U18:

De Graaff; Jermoumi, Gooijer, Milovanovic, Agougil (Brandes 58′); Vos (Oughcha 71′), Misehouy, Kjaer(Idumbo Muzambo 58′); Chourak, Enem (Boerhout 46′), Banel (Sarfo 46′)

Substitutions Ajax U18:

Kremers, Brandes, Oughcha, Sarfo, Idumbo, Boerhout


0-1 Jaydon Banel (21′)
0-2 Jay Enem (26′)
0-3 Nassef Chourak (36′)
0-4 Jay Enem (40′)

5-0 Gabriel Osei Misehouy (49′)

1-5 ADO The Hague (70′)

1-6 Own goal ADO Den Haag (89′)

Other matches

11.30 am: Ajax U17 – AZ U17 (2-2) (practice match)


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