Update | Upgrade saves Red Bull three to five kilos, rumors about budget nonsense

Helmut Marko thinks the FIA ​​has everything under control at the moment when it comes to overseeing the development of Formula 1 teams. After the Miami Grand Prix, Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto was amazed at the many developments Red Bull Racing has already made. Marko thinks that Red Bull and Ferrari are still on an equal footing and that Binotto’s criticism is also unjustified. Both stables will come with updates this race weekend.

It was already known from Ferrari that the team would bring upgrades to the Grand Prix of Spain. This should be a major update package for the Italian racing stable. Red Bull is also not sitting still for the upcoming race. ‘We will also arrive there with new parts’, Marko is quoted as saying by F1-Insider.com† ‘With that we should finally reach our optimal weight. At the moment we are still well above 798 kilograms (the minimum weight in Formula 1, ed.).’

Binotto .’s Criticism

Red Bull has brought several upgrades in recent races. This has raised some question marks with the Ferrari team boss. The Italian does not understand that the Austrian racing stable has already spent so much money on the development of the car. Binotto therefore wants everything to be closely monitored by the FIA. The Italian does not want Red Bull to use possible gray areas in the new regulations.

Marko assures Binotto that everything is according to the rules. The Austrian therefore sees no difference between his team and the Italian racing stable. “Ferrari and we are on an equal footing. In the future, the differences will be made by whoever gets the best out of their pack on the respective circuits. We are still looking forward to the big fight and we have full confidence in the FIA. They ensure that everything goes well,” said the Red Bull adviser.

Update 8.40am (12/05) | Upgrade saves Red Bull three to five kilos, rumors about budget nonsense

Helmut Marko has previously revealed that Red Bull Racing will also come with an upgrade during the Spanish Grand Prix. The Austrian racing stable wants to focus on losing weight and seem to lose quite a few kilos from the car. According to The Telegraph Red Bull’s new update should save three to five kilos. According to rumors from Italy, Red Bull is close to the ceiling of the budget for development, but these rumors are not correct.

Ferrari will come in Barcelona with a large update package, but Red Bull will also bring new parts. These parts will not so much focus on the performance of the car, but the RB18 seems to lose some necessary kilos. The cars of Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez are still not close to the minimum weight, but that is about to change. The Telegraph reports that Red Bull is bringing some lighter parts to the Spanish Grand Prix and that these will make the cars three to five kilos lighter.

Italian rumors are wrong

The development race now seems to really start. The Austrian racing stable has already put several updates on the car in recent weeks, while competitor Ferrari has tried to understand its own car in the first five races. In Italy people have been looking with surprise at the updates from Red Bull. Mattia Binotto doesn’t understand where the team gets the money from and there were rumors that Red Bull had already used 75 percent of the development budget. Insiders oppose The Telegraph that this is nonsense.

‘Fewer spare parts are carried than before, often one instead of three or four. Also, sometimes fewer staff travel to the track and more often workers work from the factory in Milton Keynes,” the newspaper writes. The developments of Red Bull do not stop there. Before the summer break, the Austrian racing stable will install new parts at strategic moments. After the summer break, there will probably be another moment with a major upgrade.