WATCH: Romelu Lukaku immediately impresses new owner with 2 goals | Premier League 2021/2022

  1. 45+2′ – Yellow – Pedro Neto
  2. 37′ – Yellow – Romain Saïss
  3. 28′ – Yellow – César Azpilicueta
  1. 90+7′ – Goal – Conor Coady (2 – 2)
  2. 90+1′ – Cont. Romelu Lukaku by Kai Havertz
  3. 86′ – Cont. Cesar Azpilicueta by Malang Sarr
  4. 79′ – Goal – Francisco Trincão (2 – 1)
  5. 76′ – Cont. Rúben Neves by Francisco Trincão
  6. 70′ – Cont. Romain Saïss by Chiquinho
  7. 70′ – Cont. Pedro Neto by Hwang Hee-Chan
  8. 58′ – Goal – Romelu Lukaku (2 – 0)
  9. 56′ – Goal penalty kick – Romelu Lukaku (1 – 0)
  10. 51′ – Yellow – João Moutinho
  11. 46′ – Cont. Marcos Alonso by Saúl

Romelu Lukaku finally scored his first Premier League goals in 2022. His two goals gave Chelsea only 1 point, as Wolverhampton equalized at the last minute deep in extra time: 2-2.

Todd Boehly, the new Chelsea owner, immediately came to see his new toy and saw that Romelu Lukaku was once again in the starting lineup. Boehly looked surprised when it took VAR a few minutes to rightly disallow Loftus-Cheek’s opening goal for offside.

After the break Boehly could cheer, twice in 3 minutes. Romelu Lukaku opened the score from the penalty spot and immediately scored for the 2-0 with a nice place ball.

The goals were clearly a relief for the Red Devils striker. His last goal in the Premier League dates back to late December.

Lukaku won’t really celebrate tonight, as his goals ultimately only resulted in a draw. Trincao made the connecting goal and Lukaku watched from the bench as Wolverhampton captain Coady headed the 2-2 in goal deep in the extra time: the 97th minute.

Watch Romelu Lukaku’s goals against Wolverhampton

But Wolverhampton strikes in extra time

  1. second half, minute 99 match over
  2. Chiquinho (Wolverhampton Wanderers) paints a cross on the head of Conor Coady and he heads the 2 – 2 against the net. second half, minute 97.
  3. Second half goal, minute 97 by Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Conor Coady. 2, 2.
  4. The ball goes over the back line in a corner kick. It is taken by Timo Werner (Chelsea), but his cross is too short and is cleared. second half, minute 96.
  5. Antonio Rüdiger (Chelsea) is whistled back by the referee. He went too far in on Raúl Jiménez (Wolverhampton Wanderers). second half, minute 95.
  6. Kai Havertz (Chelsea) hits the target with his left foot, but his shot goes wide. second half, minute 92.
  7. second half, minute 91. Substitution at Chelsea, Kai Havertz in, Romelu Lukaku out
  8. Willy Boly (Wolverhampton Wanderers) is called back by the referee. He went too far in on Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea). second half, minute 91.
  9. second half, minute 86. Substitution at Chelsea, Malang Sarr in, César Azpilicueta out
  10. Raúl Jiménez (Wolverhampton Wanderers) hits the target with his right foot, but his shot goes wide. second half, minute 86.
  11. At Wolverhampton Wanderers, the corner is taken by João Moutinho. His cross goes to the first post. second half, minute 85.
  12. Francisco Trincão (Wolverhampton Wanderers) can center with his left foot, but his shot is blocked. second half, minute 84.
  13. Conor Coady (Wolverhampton Wanderers) is called back by the referee. He went too far into Timo Werner (Chelsea). second half, minute 82.
  14. Francisco Trincão can score for Wolverhampton Wanderers. The assist is in the name of Chiquinho. second half, minute 79.
  15. Second half goal, minute 79 by Francisco Trincão of Wolverhampton Wanderers. 2, 1.
  16. Raúl Jiménez (Wolverhampton Wanderers) is called back by the referee. He went too far in on Thiago Silva (Chelsea). second half, minute 78.
  17. second half, minute 76. Substitution at Wolverhampton Wanderers, Francisco Trincão in, Rúben Neves out
  18. Reece James takes the corner for Chelsea. He drops the ball centrally in front of the goal. second half, minute 75.
  19. Save by José Sá (Wolverhampton Wanderers), who can parry the ball while diving. second half, minute 74.
  20. Mateo Kovacic (Chelsea) lashes out with his right… second half, minute 74.