Stress in the tail with Bart Vriends (Sparta): ‘Eliminate Heracles after PEC Zwolle’ | Dutch football

At the bottom of the Eredivisie, the tension is to die for. Four more clubs are fighting for enforcement. Until the decisions are made, this site therefore gauges the level of tail stress in the basement on a daily basis. Today with Bart Vriends (30), vice-captain of Sparta.

Bart, the weekly recurring question: how is your tail stress?
,,Good! Winning 2-0 against PEC Zwolle, our supporters who caused noise for ninety minutes, seeing all those people in ecstasy in the stands after the game; so beautiful to be with. Yes, all those things together give the Sparta citizen a lot of courage, I can assure you.”

And then on Sunday you will meet precisely the opponent that we had not included in this section for the sake of convenience. Because: safe for a long time. we thought.
,,Yes, Heracles suddenly falls out of the top hat like a rabbit. We didn’t see that coming either. It says everything about the weird, unpredictable competition that is the premier league. Clubs that may soon enter Europe, such as NEC and SC Heerenveen, have six points more than Sparta. Six!”

Is it an advantage or disadvantage that Heracles suddenly plays for something again on Sunday?
,,Difficult. Look, in the most favorable scenario, Heracles would have won against RKC on Wednesday and Willem II would have lost to Cambuur. But yes, that’s all. I can imagine that they have not become more reassured in Almelo now that they have slipped so far. Especially now that they have a club in Sparta in the winning mood meet. A team that also understands the art of fighting, fighting. We smell blood.”

Winning is your credo?
,,Yes for sure. Look, you’re an athlete. Then, like on Wednesday against PEC Zwolle, you gain strength when you eliminate an opponent. We will also go to Almelo with that approach, even though we realize that it really won’t be easy there. Until recently, Heracles was, after all, a little higher in the ranking than we are for nothing.”

Have you already booked your holiday?
“Are you starting now? I’ve been getting that question for weeks. ‘What are you going to do?’, ‘Where are you going this year?’ But yeah, no one knows where we stand, huh. Every scenario is still conceivable. Unfortunately. Oh well, that’s the fate of a player from the right-hand row of the Eredivisie.”

You will know more on Sunday, Bart. Well, maybe.
“Indeed, maybe. In any case, we are keen to have a holiday from Monday.”

And then Sparta is still an Eredivisie club?
,,We certainly assume that, yes. After all those weeks of tension and stress, we are ready for a few weeks of relaxation.”