Ziggo and KPN will pass on Formula 1 channel Viaplay longer

Ziggo and KPN subscribers who have a Viaplay subscription through the providers can watch Viaplay’s F1 broadcasts through a special channel until the end of the Formula 1 season. Spokespersons for both telecom companies have informed Bright. The temporary Viaplay channel would initially only be offered until August.

During the Formula 1 race weekends, the Viaplay broadcasts are offered via linear TV channels. According to Ziggo, this is intended to ‘make Formula 1 more easily available to everyone’. A KPN spokesperson says that ‘it is being used a lot’. The TV channels also relieve the network of the providers, because viewers do not stream via the internet.

“We are satisfied with our Dutch partners. The TV channels serve their purpose. We are very positive about it,” Andrea Sahlgren, vice president at Viaplay, told Bright. The Viaplay channels have been available since March. Then the Swedish streaming service started in the Netherlands.

Complaints about streams

Many complaints have been received about Viaplay’s internet streams in recent weeks. Some users experienced stuttering streams and lower-than-expected image quality. The Consumers’ Association and the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) then called on the Swedish company to compensate dissatisfied complaints.

There were also complaints about the availability of the streaming service’s customer service. Viaplay says it is in talks with both the Consumers’ Association and the ACM. “That dialogue is still going on. We take this seriously,” says Sahlgren.

Now only phone number customer service

The Swedish company has launched a special help page where Dutch subscribers can report complaints. “Unfortunately, we know that there are customers who are not completely satisfied and we are very sorry. One unsatisfied customer is one too many,” said Viaplay spokesperson Roberta Alenius. “We’re working hard to provide a great viewing experience for everyone.”

Viaplay will also open a Dutch telephone number for customer service next week, Sahlgren promises. Until now, Dutch subscribers could only contact us via email, chat and social media. “Maybe we could have provided the phone number earlier, but we also want to help everyone as best we can and that people don’t have to wait too long on the line. We can now promise that anyone who contacts us through official channels will always get an answer.”

F1 TV Pro gets Viaplay commentators

Viaplay has the Dutch broadcasting rights to Formula 1 for the next three years, but that is not an exclusive contract. Dutch people can also watch Formula 1 at F1 TV Pro. From June 10, this Formula 1 streaming service will also offer Dutch commentary. This concerns the Viaplay commentators Nelson Valkenburg, Melvin Heemskerk and Allard Kalff.

Some F1 TV Pro subscribers were hoping for the comments from Olav Mol and Jack Plooij. For years, the duo provided the commentary for the Ziggo broadcasts of F1 and have been providing a live report on the online radio station Grand Prix Radio since this season.

600,000 subscribers

Viaplay started in March with the Formula 1 broadcasts in the Netherlands. The streaming service has an estimated 600,000 subscribers in the Netherlands. The company itself does not want to disclose exact numbers per country, but said in April that the Dutch launch ‘exceeded all expectations’.

“It is of course amazing how many people have taken out a subscription, because they want to see Max Verstappen in action,” says Sahlgren. “We are continuously researching our customers’ feedback and we are listening to all responses. We’ve only been running for three months so give us a little more time so we can start evaluating everything.”

Tonie van Ringelestine