Messi, first training with PSG. And the club also pays for it with cryptocurrency

A new record for Leo Messi. However, there are no trophies or balls of gold involved, but the Argentine champion will be the first player in the world who will also be paid with “Fan Tokens”, the cryptocurrency of Paris Saint-Germain launched in collaboration with the company Socios. The former Barcelona striker, who has signed a two-year contract, will receive 35 million a season in Paris, to which must be added other money related to bonuses and sales of the jerseys. That’s not all because at the time of signing, Messi collected another 25 million. But back to “tokens”, what exactly is it?

Madness for Messi and game fever, the lights of Paris turned on sport

by our correspondent Marco Cicala

The details of the new cryptocurrency

Unknown to many, the new currency is likely to be used extensively in the coming years. The PSG, one of the most developed clubs in digital resources, already in September 2018 had created a collaboration with “”, a platform that uses blockchain technology. In January 2020 the aforementioned “Psg Tokens” were launched, dedicated to all supporters of the team. Specifically, these “tokens” give the opportunity to interact and take part in company initiatives directly, such as voting for the best goal, participating in polls or choosing the sentence to be written on the walls of the dressing room. The cost of these tokens obviously varies: initially a coin cost just 2 euros, then with the arrival of Messi it has risen to 10 € and now even 34 euros. All this generates, for the company, not only a greater direct line with its supporters, but above all a new and not indifferent income of money.

Messi: “Coming to PSG gave me happiness and a desire to start over”

Shipping jerseys in October

Meanwhile, the Messi-mania continues not only in Paris, but throughout the world. Not surprisingly, the official PSG store literally went haywire due to requests for the number 30 jersey of the “Pulce”. The shop had to specify that Messi’s tunic is finished (currently it is only available in women’s or children’s sizes) and that they can be pre-ordered with shipments scheduled, however, not before October. On the other hand, according to some data, over 10 thousand jerseys were sold in one day.

Boom on social media

It is not only PSG merchandising that explodes, but also popularity on social networks. The numbers speak for themselves: from Youtube to Instagram, from Facebook to Twitter, the profiles of the French company grow with an average of about 250 thousand followers a day. The Messi effect is felt: 45 million followers have been reached on Instagram. The big names of Spain are still a long way off (over 100 million for Real Madrid and Barça), but at this rate the difference will narrow more and more.

First training with teammates

Speaking of the field, Messi – who today also received Mbappé’s welcome via social network, carried out his first training session at the Camp des Loges under the orders of Pochettino. An event that the Parisian club immediately wanted to share with a video on social networks. The 34-year-old Argentine, who hasn’t known until now other than the pitches and gyms of Barcelona, ​​was filmed doing physical exercises, the rest of the group playing with the ball instead. PSG will play the next Ligue1 match on Saturday 14 at 21 against Strasbourg: it is unlikely that the former Barcelona player is already available, more likely to see him on the field on Friday 20 in the away match in Brest.