The laughing psychopath: five Chiellini moments to remember | Serie A

Giorgio Chiellini bids farewell to Juventus. Nothing is known about his future yet, but the chance that we will still see him at the highest level at the age of 37 is small. Time for a nostalgic look back at five iconic moments from the career of the “smiling psychopath”.

1. Catfight with Cavani

In 2013, Chiellini assaulted the then top striker of Napoli: Edinson Cavani. You can take grabbing literally, because at times it looked more like a wrestling match than a football match. Chiellini pulled Cavani by the hair, Cavani replied with an elbow.

After the game, Chiellini says he has no problem with Cavani: “During the game we fight, but after the final whistle it’s all over.”

2. Victim of biting Suarez

During the 2014 World Cup, Italy will play against Uruguay in the group stage. Again Chiellini is face to face with Cavani, but also with that other Uruguayan top striker Luis Suarez. The duels are fierce as always, flirting with the limits of the permissible.

Until Suarez loosely crosses that line. In a duel with Chiellini, he sinks his teeth into the Italian’s shoulder in frustration. While Suarez clutches at his teeth, Chiellini walks over to the referee to show the bite mark. To no avail, Suarez gets off without a card in the match, but is then banned from all football matches for four months.

Chiellini and Suarez after the biting incident

3. Master cum laude

Chiellini is a remarkable figure. In addition to his punches on the field, he has also accomplished great things off the field.

He will graduate cum laude from the University of Turin in 2017. His master’s thesis on the Juventus business model has earned him a lot of praise from inside and outside academia.

The master’s degree in Business Administration will undoubtedly come in handy after his career.

4. “Friendly” Harassment

The fact that Italy became European champion last summer was partly due to some good penalty shootouts. And Chiellini had a part in that too, albeit mainly on a psychological level.

In the toss for the penalty shootout in the eighth final, Chiellini, the Italian captain, shows his most cunning side. In one of the most stressful moments of the tournament, he seems to be having a great time.

He is over-enthusiastic with the Spanish captain Jordi Alba. Little Alba doesn’t know what hit him when Chiellini grabs him and slaps his jaw.

Afterwards it is written that Italy had already won the penalty shootout at the toss. In the debriefing, Karl Vannieuwkerke calls Chiellini a “smiling psychopath”.

5. Bromance with Bonucci

For many years, Chiellini and Bonucci have been one of the most acclaimed central duos in football history. The two form a difficult defense for both Juventus and the national team.

And they are inseparable off the field as well. They have a real “bromance”. After the last European Championship, Chiellini and Bonucci even go on holiday together.

On Instagram, Bonucci shares a photo of both gentlemen eating pasta from the same plate. Their wives better be wary.