Ajax O17 also misses the KNVB Cup after a goal against in the 115th minute

Ajax U17 has lost the cup final to FC Utrecht. Initially, the young Ajax players turned a 1-0 deficit into a 1-2 lead, but goalkeeper Yaell Samson scored in the last minute of the regular game. In the following extra time, the Utrecht team again scored in extremis. This time fatal: 3-2.

Ajax U17 started the cup final against FC Utrecht’s peers dramatically. After less than 20 seconds, the team from Amsterdam was already 1-0 behind. Tommy Setford initially manages to save the ball, but the rebound was hit by the striker of the Utrecht team. A few minutes later it was the same striker who had the chance to give Utrecht a 2-0 lead. He came face to face with Setford, but just missed. Immediately afterwards it became almost 2-0 for FC Utrecht again, now the ball was just blown over. After having played fifteen minutes, the team from Amsterdam came into the game a bit more. Utrecht became a bit sloppier, but remained dangerous. In the twentieth minute a powder of about 25 meters went left.

The first time the Utrecht goalkeeper had to come into action was in the 21st minute. A pass from Rico Speksnijder went straight to the crossroads, the goalkeeper only just managed to keep the ball out of the goal. Ajax managed to create more and more opportunities. In the 33rd minute Olaf Gorter was able to equalize the team from Amsterdam, but he hit the ball wrong and his shot went wide. Just before the end of halftime, Ajax U17 got a huge opportunity. David Voute’s shot was blocked, after which Mark Verkuijl got a free shooting chance. He shot the ball just wide. Halftime score: 1-0 for FC Utrecht.

The first chance in the second half was for FC Utrecht. A cross from the right wing landed at the feet of the striker, but he was unable to hit the ball cleanly enough. Substitute Kayden Wolff made his substitute turn worth gold. He headed in a good cross from the right. It was tied again, 1-1. Wolff was immediately close to 1-2. He got a clear shot, but shot wide.

Bizarre goals in extremis neck Ajax U17

The match quickly approached the end, as there was no real parent party. Wolff did hand over his business card as a true goldcrest. After a nice bounce with a teammate, the youngster came to be one-on-one with the keeper in the 91st minute. The Ajax player kept a cool head, cut out goalkeeper Yaell Samson and scored the winning goal.

At least, that’s what Ajax thought. In the absolute final phase of regular time, goalkeeper Samson came forward and extended a corner with his head: 2-2 in the 94th minute. An extension was imminent.

That extension didn’t bring much action. It was, however, exciting, given the interests and the bizarre scenes on the field in the injury time of the regular time. Wolff had another chance around minute 100, but was unable to finish. FC Utrecht O17 succeeded, again in the very last minute. In the 115th minute of the match, the club from the Domstad received a free kick that was successfully extended by Van der Haar.

Ajax tried to do everything in its power to score, but that didn’t work. Once again Ajax U17 misses a prize, after the national championship was previously handed over. This time FC Utrecht U17 was too strong.

LIVE | FC Utrecht U17 – Ajax U17 (3-2)

Line-up Ajax U17:

Setford; Voute (El Aissati 56′), Gorter, Hato, Janse (Wolff, 56′); Verkuijl, Idumbo Muzambo, Appiah (Ugwu 95′); Bacon cutter (Lille 107′), Vink (Alders 56′), Kalokoh (Janse 90+3′, Konadu 91′)

Substitutions Ajax U17:

Entius, El Aissati, Wolff, Ugwu, Alders, Konadu, Lille


1-0 Jesse van de Haar (1′)
1-1 Kayden Wolff (63′)
1-2 Kayden Wolff (91′)
2-2 Yaell Samson (94′)
3-2 Jesse van de Haar (115′)

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