Unparalleled final phase in Third Division ends in championship for OFC

OFC won the championship in the Third Division on Monday afternoon. The association won 3-0 against Quick at its own sports complex, while the competition lost points. With this, OFC is promoted to the Second Division.

The Derde Divisie went into a blistering final round on Sunday. No fewer than four associations had the opportunity to become champions. Hercules had everything in his own hands. With an equal number of points as OFC, but a better goal difference, a victory was enough for this club to receive the scale. However, the association had to play against ADO ’20, which with one point less could also continue to hope for a championship. Finally, Gemert, which had as many points as ADO ’20, also had an opportunity to celebrate the title as a smiling fourth. That club visited Hollandia at the bottom.

The first ten minutes were a bit awkward for OFC. On the wet synthetic turf pitch, the team tried to move the game from left to right and vice versa as best they could, but it didn’t create any great opportunities yet. The first opportunity was for Demio Walberg. He got the ball in the box in the box and had a clear shot, but leaned too far back. As a result, the ball ended up far over Quick’s goal.

Pieter Mulders had to make his first substitution after twenty minutes. Due to an injury, Denzel Prijor had to go to the changing rooms. Giovanni de la Vega took his place on the field. Shortly afterwards, the opening goal fell for the home side. A wonderful attack resulted in a detached Joël Donald who shot the ball hard against the roof of the goal net: 1-0. With an equal Hercules and ADO ’20 (1-1), OFC was therefore virtual champion.

ADO ’20 would be empty-handed with this score. If OFC would take the championship, this meant that Hercules would take the period title and ADO ’20 would grab next door. Roy van der Mije’s team therefore had to win. In the meantime, the match at OFC continued in full swing. Donald was well on his way to his second goal at the end of the first half. A passed ball landed with him on the right side of the penalty area. He then dribbled into the box and shot hard into the left corner, but Jari Puister was in time to keep the ball out of the goal.

OFC did not come out of the locker room exactly sharp. It gave Quick the opportunity to get close to the goal several times, which created a great opportunity. The Oostzanders were lucky that Frank van der Heiden just couldn’t reach the ball and it went past. Then OFC picked up the game well again and after an hour of play it was close to the second goal. Substitute Mohamed Chih was close twice, but a shot on target was missed. A minute later, Donald headed the ball wide from a free kick.

Just before Donald made the second goal on behalf of OFC, Hercules took a 2-1 lead in Utrecht. It ensured that Hercules virtually went back to first place and OFC seemed to have to settle for second position. In the last ten minutes, Chih made it 3-0, while Hercules was again tied in a tie. As a result, OFC was in first position for the second time. In the final phase it seemed to go wrong for OFC, as Hercules took a 3-2 lead, but then it was 3-3 again at lightning speed. As a result, OFC could call itself champion at the end of the afternoon.

Mulders was very relieved afterwards. “We have fought hard for this all year, so it is of course nice if it eventually succeeds,” said the coach. “In the last ten minutes the tension was almost unbearable, but luckily it ended well for us. We are going to make it a great party.”

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Text: Jordi Smit

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