Van Hanegem applauds Depay’s words: ‘A personality’

Monday, June 6, 2022 at 11:13 am• Tim Cozijnsen • Last update: 11:23

Willem van Hanegem has expressed his appreciation for the words that Memphis Depay brought out about Georginio Wijnaldum. The attacker gave in front of the camera of the NOS indicated that he does not agree with Louis van Gaal’s choice not to include Wijnaldum in his selection for the Nations League matches with Belgium, Wales and Poland. “There was a personality there”, Van Hanegem says in his column in the Dutch newspaper General Newspaper shine his light on Depay’s words.

The Orange squad swept Belgium off the mat with no less than 4-1 last Friday and could count on many compliments from home and abroad afterwards, but Van Hanegem is less euphoric about the victory achieved. “Orange did fine, but the national coach will not close his eyes to the appalling level that the Belgians put on the mat? They were so very bad. And that in the run-up to the game their star player Kevin De Bruyne said out loud that he didn’t care about the Nations League, that was apparently something that lived with more players in the Belgian dressing room.”

Van Hanegem also saw many players in other top countries that disappointed in the Nations League who would rather have done something else, but mentions Orange as one of the few exceptions. “I saw players everywhere who would rather have been released now and that is quite understandable. Orange does not radiate that at all and that also says something. They are eager. By the way, I didn’t just think that on the field, but also next to it.” The Curve a bridge to Depay. “However Memphis stood up for Georginio Wijnaldum, there was a personality who didn’t want to get rid of it easily. Van Gaal said: ‘Yes, it was asked’. That made no sense.” Depay said he would call Wijnaldum if I was national coach.

Also the words of Noa Lang, who caused a lot of fuss last week with his lyrics in an interview with The last news, can count on Van Hanegem’s approval. “I made Belgian football hot. That’s how I honestly think. Believe me: Belgium will miss me when I’m gone. I gave your football color,” said Lang. “That guy really says what he thinks,” responds Van Haneghem. “We all got over that this week, but this is always better than hiding, covering up and being fake? I didn’t think it was all that exciting what that boy said. Look, you shouldn’t have 23 Noa Langs with you on a final round, but one is fine. He sets the bar high, is convinced of himself. Then you also have to perform, otherwise you get the full low back.”