How much does it cost to see football in Europe (by Wenner Gatta)?

It was one of the hot topics of last week (a trending topic, millennials say …), as it could also have a significant impact on the pockets of DAZN subscribers, who seemed to be intending to modify the own general terms and conditions, which currently provide for the possibility of sharing the same account on two different devices, thus putting an end to the possibility of “splitting” a subscription, the cost of which is known to all.

Less well known, however, at least in our latitudes, is the price that the telepcsport employees of other European countries they pay orevery month to be able to watch football matches live of the top series of their respective national championships, obviously from the privileged position of their sofa at home.


In the Iberian Peninsula, for example, for the three-year period 2019/2022 La Liga matches are broadcast via satellite from Movistar (which has been awarded the rights to broadcast 342 live matches, basically 9 a day, including all the matches of Real Madrid and Barcelona) for a price of € 25.00, plus VAT, per month (to which 15 can be added, plus VAT, to see the sports package, through which the subscriber can see Formula 1, some foreign football leagues, the main tennis and gold tournaments, the NBA, and more ) and from GOAL (i.e. Mediapro), which broadcasts one match per day in the air.

It seems that for the next three years La Liga intends to market the matches directly through its own OTT platform.

A Spanish fan, therefore, spends every month more or less the same amount as an Italian fan who subscribes to DAZN to see all the La Liga matches.


To watch the matches of the Bundesliga from the 2021/22 season until 2024/2025, German fans must subscribe to Sky (which was awarded the package that allows it to broadcast 200 matches, including matches at 3.30pm and 6.30pm on Saturday, in addition to midweek rounds) for a monthly fee of € 32.00which go down to € 27.00 for the case in which you decide to subscribe to an annual subscription (if, then, the fan has in mind to also see the other sports, he gets to pay € 40.00 per month, € 32.50, if he subscribes for a whole year).

106 Bundeslig matchesa, vice versa, are transmitted by DAZNon which the competitions of the Friday night and of Sunday: the subscription to the platform costs € 14.99 per monthwhile € 149.99 if one decides to subscribe for the entire season (I thank Tobias Kreutz of KreutzTV, last week busy shooting the Next Gen in Milan, who gave me this news: Danke Tobias!).

Sky also offers the possibility to purchase a ticket to see DAZN through the same decoder by paying € 12.50 per month (in practice, the solution known in our latitudes until a few months ago).

In Germanytherefore, to see live all the Bundesliga matches you have to shell out just under 40.00 euros per month.

Finally, a touch of color: by law the opening match is also broadcast in free-to-air by ProSiebenSat.1.


Across the Channel, on the other hand, the situation is a bit more complex, as for the three-year period 2019/2022 Premier League matches are broadcast by Sky Sports (128 per season: at least 3 in turn), from BT Sport (52 games per season: at least 1 per round) and from Amazon Prime (20 games per season: this year the entire 13th and 20th day).

To see the matches of Sky Sport via satellite you have to pay 41 pounds a monththat is about € 48.00 (basic package + sport), which become 65 pounds (i.e. around € 76.00) if you decide to always watch the races broadcast by BT Sport.

If, on the other hand, the fan prefers to be satisfied with the offer of BT Sport (which, in addition to the 52 Premier League matches, broadcasts European cups, Serie A, Ligue One, MLB and more) can subscribe to a monthly subscription to the OTT for 25 pounds (just under € 30.00).

The Premier League ticket is instead included in the 7.99 pounds subscription to Amazon Prime (just under € 10.00).

In the land of Albion, therefore, a fan cannot see all matches livebut to see 190 (i.e. half of the championship) must pay (separate Prime subscription) at least € 76.00 per month.


Finally, beyond the Alps, the rights have been assigned up to season 2023/2024: to watch live in each round of the championship 8 games out of 10 need to subscribe to Amazon Prime (€ 5.99 per month the cost of the basic subscription, to add € 12.99 for the Ligue One ticket), while the another 2 are broadcast by the Canal Plus satellite platformfor whose sports package our cousins ​​have to pay euros 34.99 per month.

In total, therefore, the French fan has to spend just under euro 53.00 per month.

To recap: to see the top flight of the national football championship in their own country, with the exception of Spain, all European fans pay more than what an Italian football fan pays out every month to see Serie A.

“Obviously”, Marshal Jacques de Chabannes de La Palice would say: “the price varies according to average salaries”.

And, in fact, I wouldn’t feel like not sharing a self-evident phrase.

Stay tuned!

Wenner Gatta | Lawyer and enthusiast of all kinds of sports since 1978, mind you, from the privileged position of your sofa at home. From 2020 member of the Nicolodiana and Salvadoriana telepcsportdipendenti association. His motto is: “Why follow only one sporting event, when you can see many at the same time?”.