PSG, the revolution is on the horizon: Al-Khelaifi and Leonardo are also at risk and Mbappé prepares to land in Madrid | First page

Today’s result against Bordeaux risks overshadowing and not just because the Paris Saint-Germain has dominated far and wide – as expected – the French championship so far and so that the echo of the umpteenth European blow is still very strong. Mauricio Pochettino made it clear in a sensationally explicit way, the daring defeat against Real Madrid is a very open wound, a disappointment that did not make him fall asleep and that – we add – will bring with it very important consequences at the end of the season. The conquest of Ligue 1 remains the only objective within reach, but it cannot save a year that brought champions of the caliber of Donnarumma, Sergio Ramos and Messi and once again left the French team out of the top eight.

TOTAL CLEANERS? – The Argentine coachformally under contract until 2023 but a victim for months of the war carried out under the radar by the ds Leonardo, appeared emotionally exhausted and exhausted in yesterday’s press conference and he will say goodbye to his partner at the end of the championship, but it may not be the only one. The Qatari property PSG in turn suffered the blow and, immediately after the debacle at the Bernabeu and also in light of the unfortunate episodes of the post-match that saw the Brazilian manager himself and the president as protagonists Al-Khelaifi, has urgently summoned the latter to Doha to make the point of the situation. The area that reigns at the top of the club is very heavy and the growing feeling is that this time the coach will not be the only one to pay. According to the latest rumors, even the two top management positions risk being torpedoed and, if no concrete names have yet emerged for the office of president (however, keep an eye on former French president Sarkozy, a great PSG fan and lately very close to corporate events), for Leonardo’s succession the rumors are becoming more and more insistent and lead mainly to two profiles. To Fabio Paraticicurrently in charge of the technical area of ​​Tottenham and first reference for Antonio Conte, and ad Arsene Wenger, currently tied by a contract with FIFA but ready to return as a protagonist in football played – albeit as a technical director – especially if the choice for the role of coach fell on a name that has been talked about a lot in Paris for some time now.

IT’S UP TO ZIZOU – We refer to Zinedine Zidanewho has chosen to have a sabbatical after the conclusion of his second experience at the helm of Real Madrid and who, for the moment, has shown no signs of being in a hurry to return to coaching. Zizou awaits the right call, but above all seeks guarantees to embrace a project that proves to be well structured and in this moment, in a climate of confusion and total revolution, the Paris Saint-Germain it is at the same time a fascinating challenge but also a very open construction site. In which Leonardo continues his work, awaiting new instructions, working on two market tracks for the next season, Pogba and Paquetà, but having to face a situation that appears increasingly delineated, that relating to departure of Kylian Mbappé.

ADIEU KYLIAN – The latest information from the Spanish press, in particular from Brand (newspaper very close to Real Madrid), report that the deal that will bring the star of the French national team to wear the camiseta blanca is almost defined and that the official announcement is getting closer and closer. Multi-year contract for 25 million euros for the season and an astronomical signing award, after having repelled PSG’s latest desperate assault to persuade him to extend the expiring contract. A very heavy setback, a further setback for the Qatari property, which will see its most representative player go without cashing a euro: a sort of certificate on the failure of the galactic PSG project developed by the Al-Khelaifi-Leonardo couple. And also for this reason, on the occasion of the match against Bordeaux, the climate at the Parco dei Principi promises to be electric, in light of the press release with which yesterday the organized supporters called all the fans to protest.