FM Talents – Hugo Ekitike, from Stade Reims ready for great football

Discovering the talents of Football Manager: Hugo Ekitike and the good fortune to bring him to Brescia, despite the siege of the great Europeans

It is more and more a Brescia in French sauce: after the excellent Bard and the explosion of Léris, there is another excellent transalpine talent who is making sparks in our team. To you who are passionate about the most famous football management game in the world, we present you Hugo Ekitike wing of the Stade Reims.

Who is Hugo Ekitike

Hugo Ekitike was born on June 20, 2002, in Angers. At the age of 11 he joined the youth academies of Stade Reims, a team where he still plays today and which made him debut in Ligue 1 about a year and a half ago. After a couple of appearances with the rossobianchi, in January 2021 he was loaned to Denmark, al Vejlewith which he collected 11 appearances and 3 goals in just 4 months.

Back in France earlier this year, mister Óscar understands his great technical skills and grants him 26 appearances, including 2 in the French Cup, which Ekitike will make the most of by scoring 11 goals this season. Ekitike is officially yet another super talent of French football and the great Europeans have noticed it, Newcastle and Borussia Dortmund in the first place. But I had anticipated everyone by taking him even the first year in Brescia, in Serie B, in the winter transfer market in January, as a valid alternative to Palacio and Léris. The result? One of the best investments.

The characteristics of Hugo Ekitike

On FM22 gives his best as a left winger, despite being reported “right wing”As a natural role and in case of need he could also play as a striker. Unfortunately, the values ​​are not very high at the beginning of the game and just taken to Brescia, he had all values ​​between 11 and 12, including the usual determination at 12, a very important feature for the growth of young people. However, the potential skill is very good (minimum 4 stars): Ekitike can grow a lot, but he needs to be played regularly.

The negotiation for Hugo Ekitike

Discovered in the Stade Reims, I decided to bet strong given the great opportunity of the loan granted to me by the French, despite the fact that we were still playing in Serie B: outright loan with redemption right set at € 5.25 million. A great deal, which allowed me to redeem it and to have a respectable jewel for a reality like Brescia, which will allow a great capital gain for the Rondinelle coffers.

The return of Hugo Ekitike: numbers, growth and value in two years

An exponential growth that of the giant from Angers (1.90 meters high), with many goals and assists starting from the second half of the first season in Serie B: between January and June 2021 he collected 18 appearances, 8 goals, 1 assist and was appointed 2 times better on the pitch, in just 18 appearances. These numbers that generated an average rating of 7.18 they convinced me to redeem him for the next season in Serie A, which went even better than the previous one: 11 goals, 8 assists and 2 times better in the field in 34 appearances, with an average grade of 7.

At the end of the second season, Ekitike has gained half a star in FM22’s current skill and has seen many characteristics grow by one point, including dribbling, acceleration and all physical qualities. And also the economic value has grown a lot: we started from a maximum of 5.4 million euros of valuation and we almost doubled it, with a minimum value of 8.2 million.

FM Talents - Hugo Ekitike

As we anticipated at the beginning, the real Hugo Ekitike is contested by Newcastle And Borussia Dortmundwith the British ahead for a mind-boggling offer: 45 million euros! While waiting for this enormous increase in value, I managed to bring it to Brescia, to make it grow and who knows if in the future I will be able to resell it at such a high price: will I succeed?